Sunday, November 21, 2010


WHOOT! Guess who got their computer fixed?

HEY HEY HEY! ITS RICE FOR ONCE! I finally got rid of my old computer! It gave me too many problems and blocked me out of the blog! I couldn't even get on! Now I can! muahahahaha! So yes, I am very much alive. Sick at the moment, but that will go away soon. (THANK THE LORD FOR MEDICATION.)

Anyway, time for my anime update since it is FAAAAAAR overdue. As of last week, I started watching Funimation’s simulcast show, Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Its AMAZING! I am thoroughly addicted. Plus, Ryner is the next anime bishie. XD Check it out!

HARRY POTTER IS OUT OMG! hehee I am planning on going this Friday with mom to see it.


The Flaming Riceball

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Two weeks?! WHAT THE HECK?

I'm a terrible person!!!!

Who never blogs.

Ever. Apparently.

So yeah, I'm thinking I'mma cosplay Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! to San Japan. Maybe? Hmmm...the catsuit is actually the hardest part! I hate the ones on Ebay!

So if anyone has any suggestions....feel free. Please.

Until next revoir!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Ahem......we are probably the worst bloggers EVER XD I barely blog, Mini blogs even less, and Rice has pretty much become un-existent. Its sad really.....but, for me it is 10:24 A.M. on a Friday.....why am I here at this hour? Because oddly...when I woke up this morning I was extremely dizzy to the point I could hardly stand o.O I almost fell when I stood up and my mother insisted I stay home today. I didnt tell anyone so Mini and Rice are probably thinking I'm a lazy jerk Haha.

Other then school, we havent been up to anything really, we have a party for one of our friends tomorrow, its a costume party, I'm going in my Japanesey looking outfit I got at San Japan. It should be lots of fun.

If anyone is wonder how "The Legend of Artemis Fowl" thing is going....its really not...HAHA. Mini doesnt really play it unless I'm at her house, and she doesnt even play it that much when I'm there! Its late October already....she has till Dec. 31st at midnight. Of COURSE she still has plenty of time, but knowing her I'm home free Haha. I'm glad, I REALLY didnt want to have to read 2 books lol. Well thats all I can say for now...I'm starting to get dizzy Later!

~Megs <3

Monday, October 11, 2010

High School

Well. High School is CRAZY. Right now, I'm SO swamped! I havent been blogging very much at ALL, Sorry! Mini seems to have been on a few times, and well, let me clarify the deal with Rice. Her computer, for some reason, doesnt like this website, so she cant blog from home anymore, we dont know why. We're trying o fix it, but we arent having much luck, so for now we are just telling you whats going on with her until she can fix it.
Not to mention, we are all SO exausted.I havent been playing Zelda much either :( Iv'e been helping Mini with "The Legend of Artemis Fowl" but thats about all the Zelda Iv'e been playing lately. Its a shame I know.
Halloween in coming up! I always dress up XD I'm like a little kid. Your never too old to dress up for Halloween! :D
Thats all I have to say this time haha. Later!

~Megs <3

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So yeah...I missed a week and I'm a little late this week, but I've been BUSY!

Went to a book fair yesterday...met Ally Carter...but you're not interested in that, I bet! =P

So on to the amv.

I went with a romance one this time...almost did a Code Geass one, but I'll save that for later. This is from the anime Romeo x Juliet, which I haven't watched, but I know the basic story. (And it's nothing like the literature one...which I've read. Can't say I love Romeo and Juliet. I have yet to find a classic romance that I do like, but the amv is just shut up and watch it. XD)

Romeo X Juliet - Vanilla Twilight

Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Fall

I know its been awhile! Sorry about that, we have been BUSY. We are all pretty stressed out with school right now, and Rice hurt her shoulder. Shes in a sling and wont be able to do much for awhile. We're just praying that it doesnt need surgery.
In other news! All 3 of us went on a church retreat this past weekend! My church goes every year, but this was Rice's first year. Its called Great Fall and we always have a great time. This year was no exception! We had tons of fun despite Rice's hurt shoulder.
Well thats it for me! I'm exausted! Later!
~Megs <3

Saturday, September 18, 2010

AMV Saturday! (Comedy-style.)

I'm a dork for  looking forward to this all week, I know, but seriously...

Amvs are more important to me than the actual anime at times. It's sad but true. By the way, I had to force myself not to post an Izaya vid. Again. Just because I found a really awesomely made one, but Megs is gonna hurt me if I post it.

OKAY, moving on.

So this week, we're going the direction of COMEDY! This made me laugh SO hard! And it's so fitting for Yuki and Kyo.

Anything Yuki can Do

Until later, BYE!