Friday, May 21, 2010


Mini here. Not going to blog long- I'm working my butt off on Inkpop. (Again.) It's a site for writing, reading, and promoting literature, run by HarperCollins. )My least favorite publisher, but whatever. If I can be published by them, yay. If I can be published by DisneyHyperion, I'll be in freaking HEAVEN! They've published all my favorite books, but that's neither here nor there.)

Anywho, New Mexico was fun, I climbed a freaking MOUNTAIN, and I'm exhausted. End. Of. Story.


Ok, inside joke. But that was on a sign for a dry cleaner or a laundromat (or something) that we passed, so we were shouting it the entire way.

My legs are sore. I didn't even make it to the top. Maybe one day. I'm so excercising more this summer.



Abandoned: Final Day

Today was super tiring. I went to work a different job today; I went to my youth building, and cleaned out the back room to earn more money for that trip Mini and I will be going on. I had to pull EVERYTHING out of the back closet, which was a LOT considering the Youth is run by two middle aged men. So I threw some things away, found some things from the 80's, and even saw a few bugs...shiver* I hate bugs... I worked my butt off to say the least. I'm still not done cleaning out the Youth building, but next time Mini will be helping me. So today Riceball and Mini arrived back in Texas. their not home yet but their in the state. The texted me telling me they missed me and a whole bunch of other BS. HAHA I did miss them though :)at least I don't have to blog for 3 people anymore. I sadly didn't get to flood their inbox's with stuff considering I have a job...and a life. I barely had time to blog, and I didn't even get to play Zelda like I wanted, but I did draw something even if it is terrible. I cant tell you what it is though because it's a surprise for Mini and Rice. It's a joke. Seriously my art normally isn't worth presenting to people, but the joke part is. Right now I'm drinking a chocolate shake, eating pocky, and watching my fish Rinku swim around. Hes so cute :D In a little while I'll be jumping off the walls from all this chocolate. Well, our lonely days of just listening to me blab are finally over, and now you can read what Rice and Mini have to say. It's been fun, but I'm glad I'm not the only one anymore (Did i mention this blog wasn't even my idea!? I got talked into it!!) Well I'm off to...go and be lazy since my legs are killing me now...Later!
-Megs <3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Abandoned: Days 2 & 3

Well, I didn't get to blog yesterday, so I'm blogging for 2 days. So yesterday, I just worked all day basically, then i had to go to church so I got home late, and went to bed, I was tired. Today I worked, but I got Mini and me another job so that way we can pay for a trip we're going on, then maybe Rice can complain about how we ditched HER. Speaking of Mini and Rice. I have yet to hear from them in yesterday or today so I don't know how their doing, but apparently their climbing a mountain today, and your wondering why I stayed? No, the real reason is because I just couldn't afford it Haha. Plus I have a job, and I have already taken off a lot this summer for two other trips I'm going on :/ The only thing Iv'e really done thats interesting this week is finish a drawing. I'll tell you now even though I say that doesn't mean its good, because its not XD I'm no artist. I just doodle. Ok, I gotta help Mom cook dinner so I gotta split. Later!

-Megs <3

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abandoned: Day 1

Ok, so it's day one of being alone since Rice and Mini ditched me, it's not starting on a happy note. I went to work like I usually do on Tuesdays, and when I car doesn't start... So my dad had to come up to get me, and discover my car battery is shot. We had to go into town to buy a new one, then come back and replace it. Needless to say, it's been a long afternoon, but at least my car works now XD thank you Daddy! This is what happens when your friends ditch you, bad things. I will say, for everything that goes wrong this week, they get a smack on the head once they get back PSH. One for every moment I wasted when I could have been drawing or playing Zelda. Not much else to say today, except that I smell like an engine. Well, I'm off to doodle! Later!

-Megs <3

Monday, May 17, 2010


Ok. So Mini and Riceball get me into doing this blog, great, well not even 24 hours later what do they do? Ditch me! They ditched me! They went to New Mexico, and Mini demanded that I blog. I mean, what the heck?! I didn't even come up with the idea in the first place! I'm the only one with a job, I mean come on, really? -__- So anyway here I am...alone. I'll be here by myself for a week until they get back...ugh. I did decide I would spam their E-mails and Phones with Text Messages. Starting tomorrow :P I'm not a very good writer, so I at least hope you find my blog somewhat entertaining. Just to keep you updated and what Mini and Riceball were doing before they DITCHED ME, ahem....sorry, Uh well, Mini is currently working on some Mystery novel I know little about, it sounds pretty interesting so far, but I'm sure she'll tell you more about that later. Riceball just recently acquired Vol. 4 of Fruits Basket, which I think is super cute, and I believe they took that with them to New Mexico to read. Currently, all 3 of us are watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I must say all 3 of us are completely addicted. If you saw the first series and you loved it like we did, then you'll love this even more since it fallows the original manga. Iv'e seen every episode that has so far aired, even in the Japanese, but I'm also super excited to watch the English every Saturday night, because Vic Mignogna makes anything worth re-watching. The entire English cast makes the show all their own, and even though the Japanese cast doesn't disappoint, trust me the English will make you die laughing only 10 minutes into the show. So if your afraid of English Dubs, don't be, especially not with Brotherhood because it's amazing.Sadly, the manga only has one more chapter left before Fullmetal is completely over, and I must admit it is my favorite anime ever and I'm sad to see it go, but I'm also glad it didn't drag out like Naruto or Bleach, and hopefully will end with a bang! As for me, I'm currently playing Majoras Mask...well I bought it several months ago, played it, and is currently at the end but has been so busy, I haven't been able to beat the final boss. Haha, I plan to do that this week, but Majoras Mask was by far the strangest Zelda Iv'e played yet. It's still Zelda and I love it, but it's different for sure. Ok I think Iv;e written enough today, sorry for blabbing! Haha Later!
-Megs <3

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hey! I'm Megs, I have several nicknames, but lets just stick with Megs for now. So I'm sure you've seen my other 2 partners in crime, and what they do well I'm the Nintendo Freak of the 3. Though I do love Mario and the gang I'm particularly into The Legend of Zelda. I love them all, and I beat my first one when I was 7 years old (Ocarina of Time, which is my favorite). Iv'e played almost every Zelda, and if I haven't it's simply because I haven't had the chance to, but trust me, I fully intend to play every single one. Iv'e not only played the games, but have also read the manga, seen the Tv show, and I happen to have a few posters...anyway another reason it's taken me so long to play all the games, is simply because once I play one I love to find out everything about it. I will spend a majority of my time on one game, not because it takes me long to beat it, just because I love to find the history and inspiration behind it, and all the hidden stuff! I'm also in Anime which is to be expected, but has yet to reach the level of Riceball, I don't think I'll ever get to as many as her Haha, but if you do have any Zelda questions, I'm your girl. well thats it for me! Later!

-Megs <3

Hi from the Riceball

Hey! I am the great and all powerful Flaming Riceball! Nah, not really. I'm Rice. How do you do? I am the resident Otaku of the three. (otaku: avid fan of japanese anime and manga) I absolutely love anime and manga. Asking for my favorites? I wont answer. I will just say that there are many that I love and many that I've seen. If you need some advice on whats a good anime to watch, I'm your girl. Over 50 animes seen and completed, and about 13 more i am currently watching and finishing. Other than that, I'm sarcastic, and I have numerous sides of my personality that love to switch places and play pranks on people. Teehee. So thats a quick bio of me.

I shall let the rest be figured out later. MUAHAHAHA. (BTW, Leather Pants by LittleKuriboh is the best song ever)

Hello There!

It's Mini!

Since you're not familiar with me, I'll introduce myself formally.

I'm the writer/musician of the group. And when I say musician, I don't mean guitar- piano all the way baby!!!

I've been writing as soon as I could talk! I dictated a story to my mom when I was four, and it hasn't stopped since! Currently I'm working on several projects, my main one being a novel titled All I Live For that I've had in the planning stages since third grade. Yep, you heard me right, third.

I'm also the one who talked Megs and Rice into doing this blog. Rice was for it as soon as I mentioned the idea- Megs was the one who was a little iffy! Between the two of us, we finally dragged her into our crazy venture.

The name Mini comes from the fact I have eight (count 'em, EIGHT) miniature horses. In case you were wondering.

And as for the insaneness....well, I've been friends with Megs since seventh and with Rice for about one year. Meg's is the old lady and I'm the baby of the group. =P (I'm a little less than a year younger than her.)

So, that'd be all for now! Toodles! ^_^