Monday, October 11, 2010

High School

Well. High School is CRAZY. Right now, I'm SO swamped! I havent been blogging very much at ALL, Sorry! Mini seems to have been on a few times, and well, let me clarify the deal with Rice. Her computer, for some reason, doesnt like this website, so she cant blog from home anymore, we dont know why. We're trying o fix it, but we arent having much luck, so for now we are just telling you whats going on with her until she can fix it.
Not to mention, we are all SO exausted.I havent been playing Zelda much either :( Iv'e been helping Mini with "The Legend of Artemis Fowl" but thats about all the Zelda Iv'e been playing lately. Its a shame I know.
Halloween in coming up! I always dress up XD I'm like a little kid. Your never too old to dress up for Halloween! :D
Thats all I have to say this time haha. Later!

~Megs <3

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