Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Fall

I know its been awhile! Sorry about that, we have been BUSY. We are all pretty stressed out with school right now, and Rice hurt her shoulder. Shes in a sling and wont be able to do much for awhile. We're just praying that it doesnt need surgery.
In other news! All 3 of us went on a church retreat this past weekend! My church goes every year, but this was Rice's first year. Its called Great Fall and we always have a great time. This year was no exception! We had tons of fun despite Rice's hurt shoulder.
Well thats it for me! I'm exausted! Later!
~Megs <3

Saturday, September 18, 2010

AMV Saturday! (Comedy-style.)

I'm a dork for  looking forward to this all week, I know, but seriously...

Amvs are more important to me than the actual anime at times. It's sad but true. By the way, I had to force myself not to post an Izaya vid. Again. Just because I found a really awesomely made one, but Megs is gonna hurt me if I post it.

OKAY, moving on.

So this week, we're going the direction of COMEDY! This made me laugh SO hard! And it's so fitting for Yuki and Kyo.

Anything Yuki can Do

Until later, BYE!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rangers Vs. Miniskirts

In honor of this post I'm using red as my font. I finally did it! It's way over due! But I finally joined the Risembool Rangers. What is this you ask? Well, if you've ever watched Fullmetal Alchemist, brotherhood OR the first series, you know there is this rivalry between Edward Elric and Colonel Roy Mustang, note the teasing and bickering between me and Rice since those are our nicknames. The three of us met Vic Mignogna (the voice of Edward) at Ikkicon at the beginning of this year. This was when I was just getting into the show, but I already found him extremely awesome! I was telling you in previous posts how I wanted to meet Travis Willingham (the voice of Roy). This is anime's equivalent to the Twilight "Team" thing except in the anime world your either "Team Edward" (The cool Edward, not the sparkly gay one) or "Team Roy". So basically you either join "The Risembool Rangers" (Vic's group) and "The Miniskirt Army" (Travis's group). Now both of these groups are just for fun nothing serious. I am a proud Ranger! Our colors are red and black of course! If your a Miniskirt then you get the Military blue. If your a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, and want to join one of these groups (coughRANGERScough) that would be awesome! Of course you need to make sure you fallow the rules, and respect all the moderators. Both of these groups are really cool! But the Rangers are awesomer XD Haha Later!

~ Megs <3>

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Non-Izaya related post in forever...

Wait, does this make it Izaya related? Because if it does, then I'm just gonna keep talking about...FINE! Be that way, I'll move on from my current cartoon-crush for awhile. XD

So I got back from a "school retreat" but I'm sure you don't wanna hear about that.

Ok, I got a topic.

CHICKEN EXPRESS SWEET TEA IS AMAZING! Got that? Good. Go get some right now. Or tomorrow. Next time you eat out, go to chicken express JUST for the sweet tea. That's my mission to you. Capice?

Three cups sugar, no cups spice, two pounds of ice makes everything...just plain awesome.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

AMV Saturday!

I have an obsession with Anime Music Videos and slideshows, as I've mentioned in previous posts, so I'm going to share one of my personal favorites of the week at the end of each week! ^_^

Aka. The one I've been watching over and over. I have a different obsession each month. This month is Durarara!! in case you coudn't already tell. (Yeah, the exclamation points are part of the title.)

And even though he's a creeper....well, Izaya's amazing. Just freaking awesome. And he's MAJOR creeper.

|| !~The City is At War~! ||

Enjoy the Izaya. ^_^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Things to Remember When Playing Zelda

Mini thought it would be a good idea if I post something "productive" so I'm going to giveyou some tips that will hopefully help you in your next game of Zelda, or if you havent ever played at all, and want to try it out!

#5 - Use your common sense.
You must be thinking this is an odd piece of advice for a fantasy game, but to be honest its really not. The game is mostly going through dungeons, and fighting monsters right? Well what happends if you walk in the Fire Temple and you still have a wooden shield? For the most part, enemies in a FIRE Temple will use FIRE, and what happends to wood when it catches on fire? It burns, so you might want to switch out your wooden shield for a more flame resistant one. There are things like these all throughout the game, so just use your common sense I say!

#4- Make good use of your partner.
Ok in every game of Zelda you are given a friend at some point to help you a little throughout the game. In Ocarina of Time for example, you were given Navi the fairy, in Twilight Princess, you were given Midna! Now, after you've played the game a few times, these little helpers can become a bit useless, but especially when your playing a game for the first time, USE THEM! They are actually extremely helpful at times, thats what their there for! Theres always a way you can talk to them at anytime if your stuck, they just give you a little hint that could actually help you get out of that room you've been stuck in and cant find the door or help you slay that giant monster trying to eat your face.

#3- Talk to the people around you.
Oddly, you can find REALLY valuable information by just talking to the characters in a village or in Castle Town. They could possibly tell you what you should do next, some give you locations to heart pieces or treasures, some of them can sell you things that you cant find in any of the shops, and some just give you random hints to use later! I would especially go for the characters that seem really, odd, like the odd one out, sometimes you'll see a man sitting on a roof maybe or find a lonely ghost to talk to, either way those odd ones are going to give you the best information most of the time, but dont ignore the people that SEEM normal. Could they be hiding something?

#2- Look for Heart Pieces.
This may seem like a really tedious task, and I'm not going to lie to you, it is, but it REALLY helps in the long run. For the first 3 dungeons or so you may feel like you dont really need to look for heart pieces, and that your doing fine with your 5 or 6 hearts...well it gets HARDER my friends it really does, there are going to be little things that kill you and your going to be sorry you didn't get those heart pieces, especially your first go around. So take the time to go, and look for a few of them at a time. I would look for at least 2 everytime you complete a dungeon or your sent on an odd task. They can be found in trees, under bridges, even in that huge chandalier hanging from the cieling. Look EVERYWHERE they really do help.

#1 - Use your shield.
And my last piece of advice for now, use your shield. I con not stress this would not believe how many people have died because they refuse to use the shield! It is not a fashion statement! USE IT! You would be amazed at how many time it has saved my butt! One of the main things I never forget is to switch out my wooden shield to the Hylian shield as soon as I can. In some games you can find the Hylian shield instead of having to save up rupees to buy it, but in other cases, like Twilight Princess, you have to buy it. Trust me it is worth the expense as shown in my first example. Your shield cant protect you from everything, but trust me, you will take 10x less damage buy using it.

Ok well thats all the tips I'm going to give for now! Trust me I have loads more to give later. you might actually find these tips do help, even in the games that are played on the DS or Gameboys. I hope these help you in your quest to save Hyrule!

~Megs <3

I wish....

I wish I had something specific to blog about, that way this post didn't look so stupid, just because I FELT like blogging. Oh well, after thinking for twenty minutes, I still have....nothing. Zip. Nada. So this'll probably be one of those aimless ramblings about cereal and books.

Or, in this case, Amvs.

I have an AMV addiction. I only like listening to music if it has an AMV with it. No kidding. I've seen hundreds of 'em. Some people need illustrations with their books...apparently I need them with my music.

And so, I'll leave you with this little parting gift. Gotta love Durarara!! This song so fits Izaya. *ahem*

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can you hear my inner fangirl yet?

So yeah, uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Durarara!! is awesome. I mean that. I just did an entire rant on how Cartoon Network now sucks. Well, Japan animation doesn't. I can't wait for the English dub of Durarara!! either.

And Izaya is awesome. Who can compete with this face?

Uh, yeah. I thought so. Only Megs: She hates him. Because he's fairly evil. Especially to Shizuo.

But we all think Shizuo is awesome: come on, he throws garbage cans.

After these thoughts, I'm gonna go.

Rain, Rain Dont Go Away!

Its been Raining for like 3 days now, and I am loving it! School was cancelled today because of the rain! eep! The only one not enjoying the rain is our very own Colonel. She's been a little disturbed by the amount of rain we've been getting, she locked herself in a water proof box, and started wearing plastic pants.... Ok I'm kidding, but that would be really funny. So I think I may force myself to clean my room today at least a little bit... I'm missing my Zelda that Mini took and "the Legend of Artemis Fowl" hasnt made any progress as of yet, but by all means Alphonse take your time! No rush! I need to get to work on my Link cosplay. My dad has been helping me, but so far the only thing finished is my Master Sword, which is really awesome! Maybe I'll put some pictures of it up or something. So I went to this gun shop the other day..... (in case I forgot to mention, I have this thing with guns.. I LOVE them, I love going to the range, and me and dad like to go hunting a lot, while I was watching Mini's house I had to bring a 9mm with me...I always have a gun at home just in case...and her family doesnt own one so it just made me feel better to have it with me...anyway!..) and I saw this AMAZING Kimber 45! (if you dont know what it is look it up!) It was amazing! So pretty! Now if only I had an extra 900 bucks laying around... oh well! Maybe I'll get a new gun for my birthday! Haha. Later!

~Megs <3

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Legend of Artemis Fowl

Well! Life is indeed crazy. We got to have a 4 day weekend for Labor Day! Rice went to the Texas Vs. Rice game. Texas dominated of course! Pffft. I went to hang out with some buddies yesterday, and had a pretty good time. I'm at a friends house using their Mac to blog. And as for Mini's 2 blog entry's I must say I'm really not that impressed. I'm "satisfied" that she blogged some but....i had to nag both of them to blog at all so XD maybe if she keeps it up I'll be impressed. So keep your "in your face" comments to yourself until you can keep blogging without being nagged. But I am pleased you've been blogging. Its time I inform you of a neat little wager Mini and I have... which I have now decided to call "The Legend of Artemis Fowl". Iv'e told you before that Mini took my "Twilight Princess" game to her house to mess around with, she made it to the fire temple with....very little help which is pretty good I suppose, but we made a bet...I said that if she could finish "Twilight Princess" by the end of the year, meaning Dec. 31st at Midnight that I would read 2 Artemis Fowl Books....I was pretty confident about it until she started begging for cheats... -____- For one thing, she's already started the game, she's almost half-way through already! But I did this instead...I let her choose 4 out of the 7 dungeons she has left and I marked them in my book. So she can only see those 4. She can ask me for help but help on the internet is off limits. I'm a little more worried now that I'm practically playing the game for her.... ugh...I beat that game in less then 2 weeks during the school year, I think she can play it in 4 months with cheats! So basically I'm screwed since I HATE reading....if she cant beat the game in the four months, but beats it in January then I'll read 1 of I'm seriously giving this away I don't even see the point now XD Like I said before I'm at a friends house right now with my friend and her little sister and HER friend...we've all kinda grown up together and for some reason every time I come over here they want me to cook something...I don't know why. Last time I made this macaroni and cheese but not the kind in the box I actually MADE it so they all seemed to like it. This time they request I make Alfredo.....but they lacked most of the ingredients needed for such a thing. Therefore, they shoved some random ingredients at me and SOMEHOW I made something edible and they all seemed to like it XD Well I think thats enough for now! That was a long one! Later!
~Megs <3

Boredom and cereal.

For me, cereal is like cookies. I love breakfast. LOVE IT! I admit, I have gone to bed, only looking forward to getting to eat in the morning! It's a little crazy, I know, but it's just one of those weird dealies I have.

Evil Genius is amazing. I'm serious- Catherine Jinx is HILARIOUS! AND JUST PLAIN AWESOME! I never thought a character named Thaddeus could be one of those awesomely evil bad guys, but he is! (He's like Scar from The Lion King before Scar turns into a wimp. Yeah, that's pretty evil.)

So today, I was eating cereal, AND reading Evil Genius. Life is good. No joke.

Oh, what now? TWO BLOGS IN A ROW! Megs never thought she'd see the day, I'm sure.

Toodles! -Mini

Thursday, September 2, 2010

BADABOOM. What? You can't even see this title anyways!

-Cosplay? Nah, I don't think so.-

Uh, YEAH RIGHT. Like I'd GET to live my life in peace. Of course Rice is forcing me into cosplaying. XD

I'm just too lazy to sew. WAY too lazy.

Anyways, HA! In yo' face AGAIN Megs. I blogged. AGAIN. Need I say it more? AGAIN.

I procrastinated on homework all day. So much for trying to get things done quickly! That'll never happen as long as I'm still me and I don't have some weird alien creature taking over my body. (Referencing the Goa'uld. JUST GO WATCH STARGATE AND BE DONE WITH IT. But not Universe, Sg-1 or Atlantis.)

I'm still getting over a cold. Bleck. I think I gave it to Rice. I'm SO sorry, buddy!

And that'll be all for now. I'm gonna go find something to do online...because I'm too lazy to get out of this chair.


About Time

About time the other two people who run this blog actually BLOGGED. It wasnt much, but its enough to satisfy me since it was my turn to be lazy about blogging, but I do have a good excuse, my computer died again! Yes AGAIN. The screen was messed up again so I had to take it in and I barely get a chance to use a computer. Mini has done quite a few things to the lay out! It looks awesome I love it! Its very funky XD So I wasnt lying when I said Junior year was gonna be tough, it is, and I dont even have as many classes as Mini or Rice do. The classes are generally easy except for that Algebra class Iv'e been complaining about.... OY. I must be on the wrong planet or something! I can whip through a Zelda Dungeon with lava pits, traps, and evil monsters from hell in less then an hour, but for some reason I cant seem to comprehend /2x-4/> -3 I mean.... no one else seems to be having issues except me! XD So, all 3 of us are highly anticipating Ikkicon this year....well part of Ikiicon is this year...and some of it is next year >> technically... Its Dec. 31st - Jan. 2nd. But anyway! Has anyone been to the website??We've been looking at it since February and they havent updated!! D: GAH. SO Wrong.... I really hope that Vic comes back again this year that would be really cool. I was hoping (like I said in a previous blog) that Travis could possibly make an appearence, as awesome as that would be, I dont think its gonna happen haha. Oh well. Rice's birthday party was awesome! We had loads of fun. I got her a huge thing of Pocky like mega sized, and I bought her a cool blue hat, and decked it out with Roy's Transmutation Circle Mwahahahaha! Anyway, hope she liked it. Well I'm going to continue eating my oreos, and listening to the Pokemon (FIRST) Theme Song.....DONT JUDGE ME! XD I never doubted my nerd-ness. Later!

~Megs <3