Sunday, November 21, 2010


WHOOT! Guess who got their computer fixed?

HEY HEY HEY! ITS RICE FOR ONCE! I finally got rid of my old computer! It gave me too many problems and blocked me out of the blog! I couldn't even get on! Now I can! muahahahaha! So yes, I am very much alive. Sick at the moment, but that will go away soon. (THANK THE LORD FOR MEDICATION.)

Anyway, time for my anime update since it is FAAAAAAR overdue. As of last week, I started watching Funimation’s simulcast show, Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Its AMAZING! I am thoroughly addicted. Plus, Ryner is the next anime bishie. XD Check it out!

HARRY POTTER IS OUT OMG! hehee I am planning on going this Friday with mom to see it.


The Flaming Riceball

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Two weeks?! WHAT THE HECK?

I'm a terrible person!!!!

Who never blogs.

Ever. Apparently.

So yeah, I'm thinking I'mma cosplay Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! to San Japan. Maybe? Hmmm...the catsuit is actually the hardest part! I hate the ones on Ebay!

So if anyone has any suggestions....feel free. Please.

Until next revoir!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Ahem......we are probably the worst bloggers EVER XD I barely blog, Mini blogs even less, and Rice has pretty much become un-existent. Its sad really.....but, for me it is 10:24 A.M. on a Friday.....why am I here at this hour? Because oddly...when I woke up this morning I was extremely dizzy to the point I could hardly stand o.O I almost fell when I stood up and my mother insisted I stay home today. I didnt tell anyone so Mini and Rice are probably thinking I'm a lazy jerk Haha.

Other then school, we havent been up to anything really, we have a party for one of our friends tomorrow, its a costume party, I'm going in my Japanesey looking outfit I got at San Japan. It should be lots of fun.

If anyone is wonder how "The Legend of Artemis Fowl" thing is going....its really not...HAHA. Mini doesnt really play it unless I'm at her house, and she doesnt even play it that much when I'm there! Its late October already....she has till Dec. 31st at midnight. Of COURSE she still has plenty of time, but knowing her I'm home free Haha. I'm glad, I REALLY didnt want to have to read 2 books lol. Well thats all I can say for now...I'm starting to get dizzy Later!

~Megs <3

Monday, October 11, 2010

High School

Well. High School is CRAZY. Right now, I'm SO swamped! I havent been blogging very much at ALL, Sorry! Mini seems to have been on a few times, and well, let me clarify the deal with Rice. Her computer, for some reason, doesnt like this website, so she cant blog from home anymore, we dont know why. We're trying o fix it, but we arent having much luck, so for now we are just telling you whats going on with her until she can fix it.
Not to mention, we are all SO exausted.I havent been playing Zelda much either :( Iv'e been helping Mini with "The Legend of Artemis Fowl" but thats about all the Zelda Iv'e been playing lately. Its a shame I know.
Halloween in coming up! I always dress up XD I'm like a little kid. Your never too old to dress up for Halloween! :D
Thats all I have to say this time haha. Later!

~Megs <3

Sunday, October 3, 2010


So yeah...I missed a week and I'm a little late this week, but I've been BUSY!

Went to a book fair yesterday...met Ally Carter...but you're not interested in that, I bet! =P

So on to the amv.

I went with a romance one this time...almost did a Code Geass one, but I'll save that for later. This is from the anime Romeo x Juliet, which I haven't watched, but I know the basic story. (And it's nothing like the literature one...which I've read. Can't say I love Romeo and Juliet. I have yet to find a classic romance that I do like, but the amv is just shut up and watch it. XD)

Romeo X Juliet - Vanilla Twilight

Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Fall

I know its been awhile! Sorry about that, we have been BUSY. We are all pretty stressed out with school right now, and Rice hurt her shoulder. Shes in a sling and wont be able to do much for awhile. We're just praying that it doesnt need surgery.
In other news! All 3 of us went on a church retreat this past weekend! My church goes every year, but this was Rice's first year. Its called Great Fall and we always have a great time. This year was no exception! We had tons of fun despite Rice's hurt shoulder.
Well thats it for me! I'm exausted! Later!
~Megs <3

Saturday, September 18, 2010

AMV Saturday! (Comedy-style.)

I'm a dork for  looking forward to this all week, I know, but seriously...

Amvs are more important to me than the actual anime at times. It's sad but true. By the way, I had to force myself not to post an Izaya vid. Again. Just because I found a really awesomely made one, but Megs is gonna hurt me if I post it.

OKAY, moving on.

So this week, we're going the direction of COMEDY! This made me laugh SO hard! And it's so fitting for Yuki and Kyo.

Anything Yuki can Do

Until later, BYE!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rangers Vs. Miniskirts

In honor of this post I'm using red as my font. I finally did it! It's way over due! But I finally joined the Risembool Rangers. What is this you ask? Well, if you've ever watched Fullmetal Alchemist, brotherhood OR the first series, you know there is this rivalry between Edward Elric and Colonel Roy Mustang, note the teasing and bickering between me and Rice since those are our nicknames. The three of us met Vic Mignogna (the voice of Edward) at Ikkicon at the beginning of this year. This was when I was just getting into the show, but I already found him extremely awesome! I was telling you in previous posts how I wanted to meet Travis Willingham (the voice of Roy). This is anime's equivalent to the Twilight "Team" thing except in the anime world your either "Team Edward" (The cool Edward, not the sparkly gay one) or "Team Roy". So basically you either join "The Risembool Rangers" (Vic's group) and "The Miniskirt Army" (Travis's group). Now both of these groups are just for fun nothing serious. I am a proud Ranger! Our colors are red and black of course! If your a Miniskirt then you get the Military blue. If your a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, and want to join one of these groups (coughRANGERScough) that would be awesome! Of course you need to make sure you fallow the rules, and respect all the moderators. Both of these groups are really cool! But the Rangers are awesomer XD Haha Later!

~ Megs <3>

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Non-Izaya related post in forever...

Wait, does this make it Izaya related? Because if it does, then I'm just gonna keep talking about...FINE! Be that way, I'll move on from my current cartoon-crush for awhile. XD

So I got back from a "school retreat" but I'm sure you don't wanna hear about that.

Ok, I got a topic.

CHICKEN EXPRESS SWEET TEA IS AMAZING! Got that? Good. Go get some right now. Or tomorrow. Next time you eat out, go to chicken express JUST for the sweet tea. That's my mission to you. Capice?

Three cups sugar, no cups spice, two pounds of ice makes everything...just plain awesome.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

AMV Saturday!

I have an obsession with Anime Music Videos and slideshows, as I've mentioned in previous posts, so I'm going to share one of my personal favorites of the week at the end of each week! ^_^

Aka. The one I've been watching over and over. I have a different obsession each month. This month is Durarara!! in case you coudn't already tell. (Yeah, the exclamation points are part of the title.)

And even though he's a creeper....well, Izaya's amazing. Just freaking awesome. And he's MAJOR creeper.

|| !~The City is At War~! ||

Enjoy the Izaya. ^_^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Things to Remember When Playing Zelda

Mini thought it would be a good idea if I post something "productive" so I'm going to giveyou some tips that will hopefully help you in your next game of Zelda, or if you havent ever played at all, and want to try it out!

#5 - Use your common sense.
You must be thinking this is an odd piece of advice for a fantasy game, but to be honest its really not. The game is mostly going through dungeons, and fighting monsters right? Well what happends if you walk in the Fire Temple and you still have a wooden shield? For the most part, enemies in a FIRE Temple will use FIRE, and what happends to wood when it catches on fire? It burns, so you might want to switch out your wooden shield for a more flame resistant one. There are things like these all throughout the game, so just use your common sense I say!

#4- Make good use of your partner.
Ok in every game of Zelda you are given a friend at some point to help you a little throughout the game. In Ocarina of Time for example, you were given Navi the fairy, in Twilight Princess, you were given Midna! Now, after you've played the game a few times, these little helpers can become a bit useless, but especially when your playing a game for the first time, USE THEM! They are actually extremely helpful at times, thats what their there for! Theres always a way you can talk to them at anytime if your stuck, they just give you a little hint that could actually help you get out of that room you've been stuck in and cant find the door or help you slay that giant monster trying to eat your face.

#3- Talk to the people around you.
Oddly, you can find REALLY valuable information by just talking to the characters in a village or in Castle Town. They could possibly tell you what you should do next, some give you locations to heart pieces or treasures, some of them can sell you things that you cant find in any of the shops, and some just give you random hints to use later! I would especially go for the characters that seem really, odd, like the odd one out, sometimes you'll see a man sitting on a roof maybe or find a lonely ghost to talk to, either way those odd ones are going to give you the best information most of the time, but dont ignore the people that SEEM normal. Could they be hiding something?

#2- Look for Heart Pieces.
This may seem like a really tedious task, and I'm not going to lie to you, it is, but it REALLY helps in the long run. For the first 3 dungeons or so you may feel like you dont really need to look for heart pieces, and that your doing fine with your 5 or 6 hearts...well it gets HARDER my friends it really does, there are going to be little things that kill you and your going to be sorry you didn't get those heart pieces, especially your first go around. So take the time to go, and look for a few of them at a time. I would look for at least 2 everytime you complete a dungeon or your sent on an odd task. They can be found in trees, under bridges, even in that huge chandalier hanging from the cieling. Look EVERYWHERE they really do help.

#1 - Use your shield.
And my last piece of advice for now, use your shield. I con not stress this would not believe how many people have died because they refuse to use the shield! It is not a fashion statement! USE IT! You would be amazed at how many time it has saved my butt! One of the main things I never forget is to switch out my wooden shield to the Hylian shield as soon as I can. In some games you can find the Hylian shield instead of having to save up rupees to buy it, but in other cases, like Twilight Princess, you have to buy it. Trust me it is worth the expense as shown in my first example. Your shield cant protect you from everything, but trust me, you will take 10x less damage buy using it.

Ok well thats all the tips I'm going to give for now! Trust me I have loads more to give later. you might actually find these tips do help, even in the games that are played on the DS or Gameboys. I hope these help you in your quest to save Hyrule!

~Megs <3

I wish....

I wish I had something specific to blog about, that way this post didn't look so stupid, just because I FELT like blogging. Oh well, after thinking for twenty minutes, I still have....nothing. Zip. Nada. So this'll probably be one of those aimless ramblings about cereal and books.

Or, in this case, Amvs.

I have an AMV addiction. I only like listening to music if it has an AMV with it. No kidding. I've seen hundreds of 'em. Some people need illustrations with their books...apparently I need them with my music.

And so, I'll leave you with this little parting gift. Gotta love Durarara!! This song so fits Izaya. *ahem*

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can you hear my inner fangirl yet?

So yeah, uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Durarara!! is awesome. I mean that. I just did an entire rant on how Cartoon Network now sucks. Well, Japan animation doesn't. I can't wait for the English dub of Durarara!! either.

And Izaya is awesome. Who can compete with this face?

Uh, yeah. I thought so. Only Megs: She hates him. Because he's fairly evil. Especially to Shizuo.

But we all think Shizuo is awesome: come on, he throws garbage cans.

After these thoughts, I'm gonna go.

Rain, Rain Dont Go Away!

Its been Raining for like 3 days now, and I am loving it! School was cancelled today because of the rain! eep! The only one not enjoying the rain is our very own Colonel. She's been a little disturbed by the amount of rain we've been getting, she locked herself in a water proof box, and started wearing plastic pants.... Ok I'm kidding, but that would be really funny. So I think I may force myself to clean my room today at least a little bit... I'm missing my Zelda that Mini took and "the Legend of Artemis Fowl" hasnt made any progress as of yet, but by all means Alphonse take your time! No rush! I need to get to work on my Link cosplay. My dad has been helping me, but so far the only thing finished is my Master Sword, which is really awesome! Maybe I'll put some pictures of it up or something. So I went to this gun shop the other day..... (in case I forgot to mention, I have this thing with guns.. I LOVE them, I love going to the range, and me and dad like to go hunting a lot, while I was watching Mini's house I had to bring a 9mm with me...I always have a gun at home just in case...and her family doesnt own one so it just made me feel better to have it with me...anyway!..) and I saw this AMAZING Kimber 45! (if you dont know what it is look it up!) It was amazing! So pretty! Now if only I had an extra 900 bucks laying around... oh well! Maybe I'll get a new gun for my birthday! Haha. Later!

~Megs <3

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Legend of Artemis Fowl

Well! Life is indeed crazy. We got to have a 4 day weekend for Labor Day! Rice went to the Texas Vs. Rice game. Texas dominated of course! Pffft. I went to hang out with some buddies yesterday, and had a pretty good time. I'm at a friends house using their Mac to blog. And as for Mini's 2 blog entry's I must say I'm really not that impressed. I'm "satisfied" that she blogged some but....i had to nag both of them to blog at all so XD maybe if she keeps it up I'll be impressed. So keep your "in your face" comments to yourself until you can keep blogging without being nagged. But I am pleased you've been blogging. Its time I inform you of a neat little wager Mini and I have... which I have now decided to call "The Legend of Artemis Fowl". Iv'e told you before that Mini took my "Twilight Princess" game to her house to mess around with, she made it to the fire temple with....very little help which is pretty good I suppose, but we made a bet...I said that if she could finish "Twilight Princess" by the end of the year, meaning Dec. 31st at Midnight that I would read 2 Artemis Fowl Books....I was pretty confident about it until she started begging for cheats... -____- For one thing, she's already started the game, she's almost half-way through already! But I did this instead...I let her choose 4 out of the 7 dungeons she has left and I marked them in my book. So she can only see those 4. She can ask me for help but help on the internet is off limits. I'm a little more worried now that I'm practically playing the game for her.... ugh...I beat that game in less then 2 weeks during the school year, I think she can play it in 4 months with cheats! So basically I'm screwed since I HATE reading....if she cant beat the game in the four months, but beats it in January then I'll read 1 of I'm seriously giving this away I don't even see the point now XD Like I said before I'm at a friends house right now with my friend and her little sister and HER friend...we've all kinda grown up together and for some reason every time I come over here they want me to cook something...I don't know why. Last time I made this macaroni and cheese but not the kind in the box I actually MADE it so they all seemed to like it. This time they request I make Alfredo.....but they lacked most of the ingredients needed for such a thing. Therefore, they shoved some random ingredients at me and SOMEHOW I made something edible and they all seemed to like it XD Well I think thats enough for now! That was a long one! Later!
~Megs <3

Boredom and cereal.

For me, cereal is like cookies. I love breakfast. LOVE IT! I admit, I have gone to bed, only looking forward to getting to eat in the morning! It's a little crazy, I know, but it's just one of those weird dealies I have.

Evil Genius is amazing. I'm serious- Catherine Jinx is HILARIOUS! AND JUST PLAIN AWESOME! I never thought a character named Thaddeus could be one of those awesomely evil bad guys, but he is! (He's like Scar from The Lion King before Scar turns into a wimp. Yeah, that's pretty evil.)

So today, I was eating cereal, AND reading Evil Genius. Life is good. No joke.

Oh, what now? TWO BLOGS IN A ROW! Megs never thought she'd see the day, I'm sure.

Toodles! -Mini

Thursday, September 2, 2010

BADABOOM. What? You can't even see this title anyways!

-Cosplay? Nah, I don't think so.-

Uh, YEAH RIGHT. Like I'd GET to live my life in peace. Of course Rice is forcing me into cosplaying. XD

I'm just too lazy to sew. WAY too lazy.

Anyways, HA! In yo' face AGAIN Megs. I blogged. AGAIN. Need I say it more? AGAIN.

I procrastinated on homework all day. So much for trying to get things done quickly! That'll never happen as long as I'm still me and I don't have some weird alien creature taking over my body. (Referencing the Goa'uld. JUST GO WATCH STARGATE AND BE DONE WITH IT. But not Universe, Sg-1 or Atlantis.)

I'm still getting over a cold. Bleck. I think I gave it to Rice. I'm SO sorry, buddy!

And that'll be all for now. I'm gonna go find something to do online...because I'm too lazy to get out of this chair.


About Time

About time the other two people who run this blog actually BLOGGED. It wasnt much, but its enough to satisfy me since it was my turn to be lazy about blogging, but I do have a good excuse, my computer died again! Yes AGAIN. The screen was messed up again so I had to take it in and I barely get a chance to use a computer. Mini has done quite a few things to the lay out! It looks awesome I love it! Its very funky XD So I wasnt lying when I said Junior year was gonna be tough, it is, and I dont even have as many classes as Mini or Rice do. The classes are generally easy except for that Algebra class Iv'e been complaining about.... OY. I must be on the wrong planet or something! I can whip through a Zelda Dungeon with lava pits, traps, and evil monsters from hell in less then an hour, but for some reason I cant seem to comprehend /2x-4/> -3 I mean.... no one else seems to be having issues except me! XD So, all 3 of us are highly anticipating Ikkicon this year....well part of Ikiicon is this year...and some of it is next year >> technically... Its Dec. 31st - Jan. 2nd. But anyway! Has anyone been to the website??We've been looking at it since February and they havent updated!! D: GAH. SO Wrong.... I really hope that Vic comes back again this year that would be really cool. I was hoping (like I said in a previous blog) that Travis could possibly make an appearence, as awesome as that would be, I dont think its gonna happen haha. Oh well. Rice's birthday party was awesome! We had loads of fun. I got her a huge thing of Pocky like mega sized, and I bought her a cool blue hat, and decked it out with Roy's Transmutation Circle Mwahahahaha! Anyway, hope she liked it. Well I'm going to continue eating my oreos, and listening to the Pokemon (FIRST) Theme Song.....DONT JUDGE ME! XD I never doubted my nerd-ness. Later!

~Megs <3

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


PHEW! THE CRAZY WEEKS ARE OVER AND DONE WITH FINALLY! Man ive been so busy i havnt had time for anything! NOT EVEN ANIME! *GASP* I KNOW! School has since started, I also turned 16! Now Swimming is starting up! I'm so excited! Not much to mention at the moment, but once I do have something, I'll inform ya. Oh and HELIUM IS THE BOMB!

The (slightly older) Flaming Riceball


Mini here.

So yeah, Junior year is killer. I got sick. BLEH.

Now, a discussion on the stories of geniuses. Of which I be not one. XD

I've been reading Code Geass- freaking ADDICTED! I'm almost through with season 1 of the mangas. Ah-mazing. Seriously, Lelouch is my freaking hero. Ok, maybe not, because, I don't know, I'd like to LIVE ya know, but hey, to each their own.

And yes, I have some weird attraction to fictional, devious geniuses. Hence the last post I made was Artemis Fowl related. I HAVE A WEIRD MIND! But at least I'm not a screaming Yaoi fangirl. Or a violent Ed fangirl. And I don't have a freakish obsession with marrying a character that is not going to just POP out of the pages. No, no thank you. I'd prefer to retain at least a BIT of my sanity.

So yeah, Mini out. <3

PS. I need to change the layout. I'll do that soon. AND IN YO' FACE MEGS! A POST WITHOUT BEING NAGGED! I win.

You lose. The Game.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Rice!

The first week of school was a very long one..... this is going to be an interesting school year, I actually like all my classes except for Algebra II... I suck at math people. Our Geography teacher is hilarious, he read us "The Three Little Pigs" in class on Friday. HAHAHA. So, today is a very special day, today is Rice's Birthday! She turned 16 today. All 3 of us went to the movies last night to see "Vampires Suck". It was very crude, but some of it was just hilarious. Hate to bust any "Twilight" lovers bubbles, but we HATE Twilight.....seriously...I gave it a chance and watched the first movie....worst hour of my life XD Anyway, after the movie we went to her house and ate Pizzaaa and Edward's Pie.... NO, NOT EDWARD LET ME BLIND YOU WITH MY GAY SPARKLES., We're not sure which Edward this was exactly, but since thats my nickname I ate the whole I didn't , but the name WAS kinda funny. We watched some Ouran, some Hetalia, and Code Geass.We sat on the dock for awhile and watched some boat speed by and get pulled over RIGHT in front of us Hahaha. We even shot nerf bullets at her wall scrolls....yeah we know....we're odd. I hit her poster of Roy every time XD We had lots of fun though, at least I did! So if your wondering why my font is blue instead of my usual shade of purple, its because Rice likes blue so since its her birthday I picked blue font! Happy Birthday Rice! Later!

~Megs <3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ok, you guys win. SHEESH! At least I gave you a giantly cool layout. *harumph*

I've been distracted again, but I'm back! With a giant case of writer's block that is trying to murder my will to write. Hence the lack of a blog posting.

So yeah, school started and...I have no news. Because life sucks for me. XD

Well then again, The Atlantis Complex came out, sparking my inner fangirl...until I found out there's only one more Artemis Fowl book planned. just...great. I mean, Artemis Fowl is almost over, Lelouch dies at the end of Code Geass....WHAT IS IT WITH GENIUSES AND ENDINGS?!

(Oh yeah, did I mention that this blog post contains spoilers? HA! My bad.)

Maybe White Collar, Covert Affairs, and Warehouse 13 shall cheer me up- since Tuesday is the night all my TV shows come on. ^_^ Oh yeah, I love Mozzy- the underappreciated conspiracy theorist. Big glasses, short, with a nice shiny cul de sac hair style. What a weirdo, a paranoid, loveable weirdo- nicely contrasted by Neal Caffery (Played by Matt Bomer) who, anyone can tell you, is quiiiite easy on the eyes.

Now that you've seen my deepest ponderings, LET US MOVE ON. *ahem*

So yeah, I'm going to go back to hitting my head on a concrete wall, trying to see if inspiration comes out magically. Viola.



The First Day

Well the First Day of School has come and gone, and to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought but it was still school XD. Rice, Mini, and I were all wearing opposite clothing so that was kinda funny. Rice brought me pie! And it was delicious pie! I like my teachers for the most part, I'm worried about English and Tech, but thats about it. On another good note! My friend Jourdan fixed my computer for me and now it is awesome! I'm finally back on my own computer! YES! Thank you Jourdan! Later!

~Megs <3

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Schlitterbaun was sooo fun! We had a blast, at least I did I hope Rice and Mini did too HAHA. We went down one ride, and Mini flipped over liked 12 times HAHA XD. We would get stuck in these currents and couldnt move it was funny. I met someone with a sweet Triforce tattoo, EPIC. And of COURSE, Colonel Useless got her fair share of teasing, her inner Mustang was pretty angry haha. When we got home I even got Rice to play Zelda. It was funny because I was in the Cave of Ordeals when I gave it to her and she jumped right into a group of Stalkins HAHA. School tomorrow.... *sigh* I had a great Summer and I'm sad to see it go. I did go crazy with my binders HAHA. I drew Al on English, Ed on Algebra II, and I even drew Roy's circle on Geography. I also made a stencil and I am using it to paint the Triforce on my canvas backpack. MWAHAHA It shall be epic, I'm putting the Elric Symbol on there too, but it will be on the side. I'm sure other Anime related things will be on that backpack soon too. Another thing! If you didnt already knwo this, we go to a Private Christian School, and no that does not mean "Snobby Rich Kids" I swear I'm not rich in any fashion XD Hopefully I'm not snobby either, but anyway, Private Schools have strict dress codes, and though ours isnt as bad as others, I still hate it. This year though, they are allowing us to wear Converse to School!! I went and bought a new pair to add to my other 4 pairs of Converse I already have. I got the classic, and Rice was with me when I went and she got Red ones and some Black High tops. I noticed a lot of my school stuff is black....I'm not turning goth I swear I just think the color is sleeeeeeek. Haha. Purple will always be my favorite color hee hee ^^. Well now I'm babling on so I'll stop now. Later!

~Megs <3

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm sorry I havent posted anything in forever! I have been EXTREMELY busy and tired!!! OY! And of course Rice and Mini didnt post anything.....typical.... again I'm really sorry I TRIED to get them to post....anyway, for starters, I stayed at Mini's house for a week like I said I would, and kept ALL of her animals alive haha Yay! They even payed me which was something I was not expecting....I would have done it for free anytime! Mini and her parents are my second family, what was cool is that they got me some cool stuff from New Mexico! Mini got me a neat bracelet, and an OCARINA! WOOT! I have my own ocarina XD It does not make it rain, transport me places, take me back in time, or change it from day to night, but I still love it haha. Her parents bought me a Tea Pot! *squee* I LOVE TEA. I have boxes and boxes of tea pots haha. I played some Zelda while I was there, but a terrible thing happend to me!!! I was re-playing wind Waker for a friend, and when I got to the Forsaken Fortress, only like 30 minutes into the game...I got HIT, by a stinkin bulbin! I lost 1/4 of my heart so early in the game!! It was devastating...It still makes me sad TT.TT Anyway, I still had to work while I was there, and the day after I left I had to Re-Pack because I went to Childrens Camp as a counselor, it was only one night, the kids had fun, but I was exausted....after that I went to a party for a friend of ours at church, and then the next day we had a surprise party for Mini's Mom. Ever since then Iv'e been at home trying to rest haha. Rice and I...or should I say... Furher Useless and I have been on a role with the fighting (jokingly of course). We have even resorted to using POEMS as a form of insult, yes seriously! Its more like Mustang and Edward are fighting. It has gotten worse since Al was absent, Just wait till the school year XD. Speaking of Rice and Mini, the three of us a headed to Schlitterbaun on Friday! (If you dont know what that is, its a water park) We have orientation on Thursday so we're just going to go to Mini's house after and then go Friday morning. Furher Useless in a WATER park...Is that not a silent plea for me to insult her? I think it is! Ed is going to have fun on Friday, al is gonna have to hold me back Haha. Sadly though, fun times must end, and for the three of us, the end is near, Monday to be exact. the three of us start school Monday, and its gonna be a really rough year. Apparently, Junior year is the hardest year in Highschool, I'm not worried though, we'll get through the year together. Later!

~Megs <3

P.S: All of my friends have seriously made this an unforgetable summer, including Rice and Mini, so thanks for an awesome Summer and hopefully a fun new school year.

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Life

I have been SOOOO busy lately. I had San Japan which was awesome, then The Epic Adventure, and this week I had VBS. I worked it for my church, and I got to work with the 1st grade kids and WOW, CRAZY. Haha. I was really hoping someone ELSE had posted a blog entry....this blog is kind of ticking me actually...Soggy and the Tin Can ARE. They NEVER POST ARRGH!! Not to mention...Mini is leaving to go to New Mexico...AGAIN. this time with her parents, so I'll be at their house while their gone, feeding all their animals and stuff. Maybe I'll go do something with Rice Haha. We can go stuff ourselves with pocky, and maybe I'll shove her into a water fountain, just to make her extra Soggy. XD I was at a conference yesterday for work....If you missed it, I work at a Preschool and so I have to have so many hours learning at these things. It was like a Mini Ikkicon or San Japan....minus all the cool anime and no where near as large. AND NO WHERE NEAR AS FUN EITHER. UGH. Actually it was EXTREMELY BORING, but you do what you gotta do for work...I need gas money to get around, and I also need money to go to the FUN conventions HAHA. Well I'm done talking for now. Later!

~Megs <3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Again

WOW. Just WOW. I had an AMAZING time on The Epic Adventure. There is so much to talk about, but I'll start by saying Horse Back Riding was my absolute favorite thing. I had a horse names Hickory and he was da bomb. He was a really cool horse. My dad was riding a MUSTANG. (Yeah I did a facepalm too) AND IT KICKED ME!! Dumb..GRRR. I'm not sure if it would have kicked anyone or if he knew our inside joke XD What was sad was I was on my horse when it kicked me so it just randomly would kick at things. Anyway, several of our buddies got baptized this week! YAY! Spiritually this trip was awesome as well, we did a bunch of different obstacles like, we were in teams and we had to get everyone on the team over an 18 ft. wall! I got to go first and I was pretty much just thrown over. Haha. I must say I did miss my Zelda while I was gone Haha. I wore my Zelda T-Shirt twice! Its funny how surprised guys are when they find out I love Zelda so much and OWN. I could go on and on about this trip, Mini and I had an awesome time! And despite her being a Soggy Horse, I missed Rice a lot XD I texted her as soon as I got back into Texas....I called her Soggy first off HAHA. I have had an eventful past couple weeks, and its not over! I have VBS this week! I'm leading 1st graders! Pray for me XD It'll be fun though, after that I have to stay at Mini's house because shes leaving for New Mexico with her Family.....OY. Horses to feed, cats to feed, dogs all kinds of things to do. I'm super busy, but I'll find time to blog eventually. Well I'm done now, super tired Haha. Sorry I was gone so long! I'm glad Rice blogged at least twice HAHA. Later!

~Megs <3>

Sorry I got busy. (NOT AN INUENDO!)

Hey. Sorry. I was going to post about saturday at San Japan but things got hectic with my mom having surgury (SHES DOING GREAT. Shes recovering excellently.), breakups, and then Regional Swim Meet yesterday. I made it to state! In my 50 m backstroke! I am so excited! There was some very evil issues with my 50 fly... but... TOUCH PADS NEVER LIE! I BEAT HER FAIR AND SQUARE BY THAT 3 THOUSANDS OF A SECOND! Grrrrr... Oh sorry... I ranted. But beyond that, I have had no time to post. I missed Kekkaishi and Brotherhood last night because I was so tired. I was awake for 19 hours yesterday. I mean, I had to wake up at 4 am and I didnt get to sleep until, well do the math. Rice is very tired... Good thing Megs and Mini are coming back today!

Riceball out.

ps. everyone is missing their buddies. A certain one misses a certain shrimp.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Left alone.... and San Japan :3 -Day 1 - Friday (LONG POST TO MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME)

HEY HEY HEY! WASSUP? RICE IS BACK AND FEELING GOOD! So this time I was the one left behind while Megs and Mini run off to Colorado for a church trip. I guess I could tell you about San Japan! To start things off, San Japan was epic in every single way. So many great times and greater memories with some of the most EPIC people in the world! Friends and voice actors/actresses alike! I guess I should start at the beginning... Might be best if I actually recount our epic expierences. Friday- So Mini, my other friend (lets call her Pikachu for reasons I will explain), and I all got in the car (with my mom) and drove to San Antonio for San Japan. We got there, ran around, found Megs and her crew, and immediatley went into the first panel of the day, the Soul Eater Screening with Micah Solusod! He didnt really comment much... XD But after that, we got pictures with him, then ran off into autographs and other panels such as the Q&A with the VAs. Josh Grelle, voice of Ox Ford in Soul Eater and the the lead guy in Wallflower, mentioned something about one of the elevators at the hotel. The little plaque inside that usually says, THIS ELEVATOR IS CERTIFIED ... YADA YADA YADA... said, THIS ESCALATOR IS CERTIFIED.... blah blah blah. Finally on Saturday me and the gang rode in that elevator. It was hilarious. So after many panels, autographs came up again... Pikachu happened to do her Pikachu voice in front of Michael Sinterniklaas (a.k.a. Leonardo in TMNT -2003) and he was blown away. He recorded a video with his cell phone of her doing her many mooded Pikachu. Pikachu was so psyched when she found out later that he was a TMNT. LOL. Later on that day, we once again ran into some VAs and they talked with us for a few minutes about awesomeness. Then came the concerts. Pikachu went with our buddy who cosplayed as Simon from Gurren Lagann to a LoliHolix concert while Megs, Mini, and I went to watch FMA: Conquerer of Shamballa. I left early to go eat before the J-Rock concert with KESHIKI. (Look em up! They ROCK!) Pikachu was up in the room eating already and she told me she had been in the elevator with the other musical guest at the con, MAJA! (HES EPIC AS WELL! sadly I didnt go to his concert as it was during the movie...) He ALSO recorded her in the elevator doing her Pikachu voice. (YES. ITS THAT AWESOME. I might put it up on youtube.) Pikachu was loved by musical guests and voice actors alike! Then Pika and I ran down to the end of the MONGO LINE to get in to the KESHIKI concert. About 15 minutes later we were in there and waiting for the concert to begin. When it did, IT WAS SO AWESOME. I recorded quite a bit of it so look for that on my youtube page a bit later on. Afterword, we went up to the room (clock told us it was 12!) and fell asleep for our adventures on the next day. TO BE CONTINUED.... WATCH FOR SATURDAY POST SOON.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So yeah, Megs and I are headed off to "Epic Adventure."

I get to leave at like...5:30 in the morning. BAH. BAH.

And this isn't going to be long, because I'm being forced into this AND doing a stupid book review. Holy mother of humanity I just want to sit....and watch TV.

Speaking of TV, I'm watching NCIS. Gotta love solving murders and chemical weapon mysteries. Yup.

Speaking of NCIS, I've gotta say- forensics are awesome. I mean, if I ever went into science (YEAH RIGHT.) it'd definitely be Forensics. But that's never gonna happen, so we're safe. There'll be fewer unsolved crimes if I don't. XD

Speaking of unsolved crimes...well, I got nothin' I'm going back to reviewing. TOODLES!


The End of San Japan and The Epic Adventure.

Well, San Japan is over now T.T I had such an awesome time! I took some pictures, so did Rice and Mini. I got some autographs! I got called the Zelda Chick by the Voice Actors Haha.I bought a LOT, I got a bunny hat, a Triforce T-Shirt (W00t!) I also got a Triforce necklace! And after my friends wouldn't let me buy anymore Zelda things I bought an FMA poster and for some weird reason Colonel Useless (AKA Rice) is in the picture in the corner. PFFFT. Speaking of Soggy, there were at least 7 Roy Mustang cosplayers at this thing! Mini, Rice, and I kinda have this weird little thing going on and we have decided that Rice is Mustang, Mini is Alphonse, and Yes...I'm Edward for reasons unknown..... NO I AM NOT SHORT DON'T GO THERE!We decided this mainly because rice and I always tease each-other and Mini seems to be our only voice of reason.Plus, I'm almost always with Mini, almost always. Anyway, so being Ed I always tease Colonel Soggy or Rice about being wet and useless and therefore was disturbed by all the Roy cosplayers XD. There were a few Eds on the second day but.....The only funny thing was there was an old woman who coslayed as Roy. LOL. But besides that I also bought a cool Japanese outfit for 69$.....Am I crazy? Probably, but it looks cool! I bought some cat ears to match it too! I got Micah's autograph like I said I would! We even went to a Soul eater Screening with him, but he didn't say much HAHA. We saw several awesome Soul Eater cosplays too! Haha. all in all we had a really fun time.Rice and Mini may talk more about it.In other news, Mini and I will be gone, for a week. We are going on a trip with our church to Colorado to a camp. Our Youth Leader calls it, The Epic Adventure, he always names out trips this one is actually normal compared to past ones.I'll try to convince Rice to blog while we're gone. Maybe this is revenge for when they left me at the beginning....Well I think Iv'e written enough for now. I'll blog when I get back! Don't forget that Rice is a Soggy Match, and I am not short in any way. HAHA. Later!

~Megs <3

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

San Japan

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! San Japan is this weekend!!! I am so excited! Me and a few other friends will be leaving early Friday morning to go to San Japan, which is an anime convention. Rice and Mini are going to meet me up there so YAY! We had such a great time at Ikkicon that we cant wait to go to this one. Micah Salusod is gonna be there! Eeeep! He's Soul from Soul Eater. I was kinda hoping for Travis Wllingham ( Colonel Soggy FTW) but that did not happen this time.... Oh wells! I saved up a lot of money for this so this time I'm prepared! We get to stay at the Marriot too! It's gonna be awesome! I'm sorry no one has posted. I've been checking this and I kept hoping someone besides me would post but Noooooooo. I'll get right on that. But I'm so excited we've had this planned since January! I have this Link cosplay in the making but I wont be able to wear it to San Japan. I will hopefully have it done for Halloween and Ikkicon. Well wish us luck! Later!

~Megs <3

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

finally i decide to post.

Hey. Rice was really sick for the past 2 weeks and is still sick. But she is still posting. If you havn't noticed, she is taking in third person. Shes been writing some random stuff, drawing more Soul Eater pictures (she LOVES Soul), eating pocky, and as of now shes drinking a huge Dr. Pepper. Nom. She still hasnt beaten FFX-2... cause she is lazy. Eagerly awaiting more episodes of Brotherhood and Kekkaishi. Oh and the fact that the Fourth of July is Saturday. YAY FIREWORKS! (Rice is a pyro.) Shes excited cause her cousins get to come up this week! But she is sad since her mom said most likely no San Japan...

Oh well.

Riceball Out.

ps. Moral Wisdom of the Day- I don't need sex. Life fucks me enough. (YAY I GET CREDIT FOR FIRST BAD WORD. WHOOP DE FLIPPIN DO.)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zelda Mania

Ok people! I am so excited to talk about this Zelda stuff! As you may well know, E3 is now behind us, I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO GO! D: I wanted to go so badly! For awhile now any Zelda fan would have noticed the picture that was sent out for all to see, the problem was that there was no description to come with it! For a long time we just called the new mystery game, Zelda Wii, But all was revealed at E3! The new Zelda that all Zelda lovers are raving over is known as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I must admit I've watched the trailer like 6 times Hahaha. If anyone has not seen it, I suggest you go to Youtube and watch it immediately. The new animation is really neat! It looks like a mix between Twilight Princess and wind Waker, PLUS! Link has some new pants! Haha.
Now Iv'e seen the complaints about it, like how Link is right handed. I mean, I know that in previous games Link is left handed, but they only switched it because of the Wii. You actually get to use the Wii remote as his weapon! Therefore, they switched to the right hand because most people just so happen to be right handed..Plus, even if previous Link's were left handed, they aren't usually the same Link so....they cant ALL be left handed right? But seriously give it a chance. It's still Zelda. I personally can not WAIT to play it. The trailer looked awesome!
Ok so in other Zelda news, they are now re-making Ocarina of Time in 3D. YES!!!! The best Zelda of all time and they are making it in 3D! AHHH!! With all this new Zelda information I may just explode I simply cant wait. My friends are concerned for my health XD To read more on this stuff I suggest you go to the E3 website it's very helpful. I could go on and on and on about this but, I really should quit now. For all of you other Zelda freaks out there, GO NUTS!

~Megs <3

Monday, June 21, 2010

So yeah.

I'm kinda bored right now. I ran a mile this morning. Literally ran it. Coming from nonathletic one, that's amazing, considering I'm not even tired.

I miss my buddies. Megs left yesterday. Rice....dude, Rice, you've dropped off the face of the earth! Come back!

So, right now, I'm trying to help my mom come up with ideas for a name for a sewing store.

If you've got any ideas, tell me!

What do you think of Cinder Stitches? Cinderstitch?

Yeah, that's life for me.

Love you!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! :D Hopefully you weren't like me and tried all week to find something for my Daddy and didn't get anything until TODAY. XD Luckily my mother informed me he needed Cologne or I would have never known what to get. Iv'e been at Mini's all weekend, and I didn't have my computer which is why I have not posted anything. I was hoping Rice would but, at least we got Mini to post something once.... sheesh. That'll be it for like months HAHA!I have a TON OF ZELDA THINGS TO TALK ABOUT AHHH! But I wont today since it's Fathers Day Haha.

~Megs <3

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yeah, it's Mini. Finally. Rice and Megs have been murdering me over and over. (Yes, that is possible.) Sorry I haven't posted- been busy, distracted, and bored. The kind of bored where you don't want to do anything.

So I just got back from an awesome leadership retreat. Met a ton of people, made a lot of friends. Spent a lot of energy. Hence the tiredness and absolutely NOT wanting to talk about anything. XD

I need to get a better layout for the blog. Shout if you agree. There's no "follow" button. XP

Sooo...until next time, I promise not to procrastinate as long between blogs.

Rah Rah Ah Ah Ah....

Roma Roma Ma. GaGa Oh La La. WE WANT HIS LEATHER PANTS! Lol sorry.... I'm being weird again. I convinced Mini to post again. :) I need something to eat... I am still starved. Going to go see the movie A-Team tonight. Cooli. Pocky! Today I checked the guest list for San Japan, and whose name do I see but the VA who voices Soul in Soul Eater. I freaked out. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY. I will definatley be taking loads of videos if I can. Whoo! Yay! Horray!

"...I feel like tacos." - Adam and Andrew


Ps. I hate early morning swim practice. :(

Saturday, June 12, 2010


All i can say is... *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* YES. I HAD THAT AWESOME OF A NIGHT. Went to Gameday with the gang, made some new epicly awesome nerdy friends, and got asked out. :) Royai Day Magic! Best thing ever. I am so psyched about tonight. FMA:B and Kekkaishi. :) On another note, Megs is right.. Mini hardley posts... she has about 3 and ive posted 5 times. Megs you are reigning champ. lol.

I've got butterflies... :)


Friday, June 11, 2010

Of course....

Of course....So Rice has proven that someone besides me CAN post on this blog! Here is my new problem.....the person mainly responsible for this blog, yes Mini, NEVER POSTS. It's ridiculous, granted she is on another trip right now, but still I told her to blog before she left and she did not! >.<

~Megs <3

Oh and Megs...

I DO TOO POST MEGS! NYEEEEH! *sticks tounge out at her*

Oh look... I posted something.

I am in a VERY sarcastic mood today... Also very worn out.... I have been overworking myself a bit, depriving myself of much needed sleep, and on top of that, working out 4-5 days a week. Not to mention the fact that I have to get up at 4 am tomorrow for a swim meet nearly 2 hours away... I need a vacation... Must just think about San Japan... I've got the money to go. Now I just need to get there. Thats being my motivation to get through this. So actually right now, I havn't watched one episode of anime since FMA:B and Kekkaishi last saturday. Wait.. I take that back. I watched some Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series and part of an Initial D: Fourth Stage episode from my iPod. But nothing else really. OH I MADE ANOTHER LIST! Yeah im starting this habbit of lists... Its very helpful. But this one is a "TO DO: COSPLAY" list. MHMM. There are quite a few on here. Hopefully I can do 'em all eventually. Rebecca is a must... Especially with her possessed teddy bear that I will soon make. >:D Doodling on yet another post it note now... might make a video or two this weekend.

OH! HAPPY ROYAI DAY! Yes today is also Royai day. :D yay! Well, gotta go hang out!


Ps. A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Apparently, I'm the only one who can post on this blog....well a lot of things have happened! I got a few more jobs! It will keep me busy so that way I can pay for gas and San Japan! Yay! So Iv'e been super busy! I told those two lazy idiots to post but they refuse....UGH. this is why they should not start things, because then its me who has to jeep up with it! Well, Rice is apparently working on Soul Eater right now, and a few other things I cant seem to remember....Mini is still working on her novel and will be leaving tomorrow to go to a conference unrelated to her writing. I personally have only played a little Majora here and there. I CAN NOT WAIT till the Zelda Wii comes out! SQUEE! Well, I am sad to say that the Fullmetal Alchemist manga is over. I loved it so much man! I loved the first FMA series but the ending was really sad, I am very happy to report that is certainly not the case with the original manga :) EPIC WIN for Hiromu! I LOVED IT. I wont say anything about it though other then the fact that I liked it and it was happy. Well I'm done, I'll see what I can do about my other two partners in crime, maybe i can get them to post something....SIGH* Later!

-Megs <3

Friday, June 4, 2010

It is Friday.....

Hiya again from the Riceball. I can hear the sounds of The Mothman Prophecies from downstairs. OOOH Did anyone watch the season premire of Burn Notice last night? It was cool! Can't wait for the new episodes! Yes, I know! Shocking right? I actually watch something OTHER THAN ANIME! *gasp!* *laughter* Tomorrow new dubbed episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Kekkaishi!

Ugh... today I'm supposed to clean the house.... great. Despise cleaning..... its ebil. Yes, ebil. Thats worse than evil. Well, I better get started.....



Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey peeps! Yeah, I was really lazy since I got back from New Mexico. That trip wiped me out..... I mean, after you climb up to 12,000 feet above sea level, you are TIRED. Honestly, I cried on that mountain. But I climbed... and Challenged the Limits. I did not Limit my Challenges. :)

So yeah... Whats new with me? Well today I finished watching the anime Witchblade. It was.... strange. Stong sense of family and emotions ran deep. ALMOST cried at the end... The ending was kinda unsatisfying, but was a good watch. I give it 3 and a half riceballs out of 5. Umm... also I started swimming again. Makes me happy. :)

*sigh* So thats all for tonight from me.... I mean, its 1:38 in the freaking morning.... Nite nite world. Hopefully I'll remember to blog more often.


Riceball out.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Mini here. Not going to blog long- I'm working my butt off on Inkpop. (Again.) It's a site for writing, reading, and promoting literature, run by HarperCollins. )My least favorite publisher, but whatever. If I can be published by them, yay. If I can be published by DisneyHyperion, I'll be in freaking HEAVEN! They've published all my favorite books, but that's neither here nor there.)

Anywho, New Mexico was fun, I climbed a freaking MOUNTAIN, and I'm exhausted. End. Of. Story.


Ok, inside joke. But that was on a sign for a dry cleaner or a laundromat (or something) that we passed, so we were shouting it the entire way.

My legs are sore. I didn't even make it to the top. Maybe one day. I'm so excercising more this summer.



Abandoned: Final Day

Today was super tiring. I went to work a different job today; I went to my youth building, and cleaned out the back room to earn more money for that trip Mini and I will be going on. I had to pull EVERYTHING out of the back closet, which was a LOT considering the Youth is run by two middle aged men. So I threw some things away, found some things from the 80's, and even saw a few bugs...shiver* I hate bugs... I worked my butt off to say the least. I'm still not done cleaning out the Youth building, but next time Mini will be helping me. So today Riceball and Mini arrived back in Texas. their not home yet but their in the state. The texted me telling me they missed me and a whole bunch of other BS. HAHA I did miss them though :)at least I don't have to blog for 3 people anymore. I sadly didn't get to flood their inbox's with stuff considering I have a job...and a life. I barely had time to blog, and I didn't even get to play Zelda like I wanted, but I did draw something even if it is terrible. I cant tell you what it is though because it's a surprise for Mini and Rice. It's a joke. Seriously my art normally isn't worth presenting to people, but the joke part is. Right now I'm drinking a chocolate shake, eating pocky, and watching my fish Rinku swim around. Hes so cute :D In a little while I'll be jumping off the walls from all this chocolate. Well, our lonely days of just listening to me blab are finally over, and now you can read what Rice and Mini have to say. It's been fun, but I'm glad I'm not the only one anymore (Did i mention this blog wasn't even my idea!? I got talked into it!!) Well I'm off to...go and be lazy since my legs are killing me now...Later!
-Megs <3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Abandoned: Days 2 & 3

Well, I didn't get to blog yesterday, so I'm blogging for 2 days. So yesterday, I just worked all day basically, then i had to go to church so I got home late, and went to bed, I was tired. Today I worked, but I got Mini and me another job so that way we can pay for a trip we're going on, then maybe Rice can complain about how we ditched HER. Speaking of Mini and Rice. I have yet to hear from them in yesterday or today so I don't know how their doing, but apparently their climbing a mountain today, and your wondering why I stayed? No, the real reason is because I just couldn't afford it Haha. Plus I have a job, and I have already taken off a lot this summer for two other trips I'm going on :/ The only thing Iv'e really done thats interesting this week is finish a drawing. I'll tell you now even though I say that doesn't mean its good, because its not XD I'm no artist. I just doodle. Ok, I gotta help Mom cook dinner so I gotta split. Later!

-Megs <3

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abandoned: Day 1

Ok, so it's day one of being alone since Rice and Mini ditched me, it's not starting on a happy note. I went to work like I usually do on Tuesdays, and when I car doesn't start... So my dad had to come up to get me, and discover my car battery is shot. We had to go into town to buy a new one, then come back and replace it. Needless to say, it's been a long afternoon, but at least my car works now XD thank you Daddy! This is what happens when your friends ditch you, bad things. I will say, for everything that goes wrong this week, they get a smack on the head once they get back PSH. One for every moment I wasted when I could have been drawing or playing Zelda. Not much else to say today, except that I smell like an engine. Well, I'm off to doodle! Later!

-Megs <3

Monday, May 17, 2010


Ok. So Mini and Riceball get me into doing this blog, great, well not even 24 hours later what do they do? Ditch me! They ditched me! They went to New Mexico, and Mini demanded that I blog. I mean, what the heck?! I didn't even come up with the idea in the first place! I'm the only one with a job, I mean come on, really? -__- So anyway here I am...alone. I'll be here by myself for a week until they get back...ugh. I did decide I would spam their E-mails and Phones with Text Messages. Starting tomorrow :P I'm not a very good writer, so I at least hope you find my blog somewhat entertaining. Just to keep you updated and what Mini and Riceball were doing before they DITCHED ME, ahem....sorry, Uh well, Mini is currently working on some Mystery novel I know little about, it sounds pretty interesting so far, but I'm sure she'll tell you more about that later. Riceball just recently acquired Vol. 4 of Fruits Basket, which I think is super cute, and I believe they took that with them to New Mexico to read. Currently, all 3 of us are watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I must say all 3 of us are completely addicted. If you saw the first series and you loved it like we did, then you'll love this even more since it fallows the original manga. Iv'e seen every episode that has so far aired, even in the Japanese, but I'm also super excited to watch the English every Saturday night, because Vic Mignogna makes anything worth re-watching. The entire English cast makes the show all their own, and even though the Japanese cast doesn't disappoint, trust me the English will make you die laughing only 10 minutes into the show. So if your afraid of English Dubs, don't be, especially not with Brotherhood because it's amazing.Sadly, the manga only has one more chapter left before Fullmetal is completely over, and I must admit it is my favorite anime ever and I'm sad to see it go, but I'm also glad it didn't drag out like Naruto or Bleach, and hopefully will end with a bang! As for me, I'm currently playing Majoras Mask...well I bought it several months ago, played it, and is currently at the end but has been so busy, I haven't been able to beat the final boss. Haha, I plan to do that this week, but Majoras Mask was by far the strangest Zelda Iv'e played yet. It's still Zelda and I love it, but it's different for sure. Ok I think Iv;e written enough today, sorry for blabbing! Haha Later!
-Megs <3

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hey! I'm Megs, I have several nicknames, but lets just stick with Megs for now. So I'm sure you've seen my other 2 partners in crime, and what they do well I'm the Nintendo Freak of the 3. Though I do love Mario and the gang I'm particularly into The Legend of Zelda. I love them all, and I beat my first one when I was 7 years old (Ocarina of Time, which is my favorite). Iv'e played almost every Zelda, and if I haven't it's simply because I haven't had the chance to, but trust me, I fully intend to play every single one. Iv'e not only played the games, but have also read the manga, seen the Tv show, and I happen to have a few posters...anyway another reason it's taken me so long to play all the games, is simply because once I play one I love to find out everything about it. I will spend a majority of my time on one game, not because it takes me long to beat it, just because I love to find the history and inspiration behind it, and all the hidden stuff! I'm also in Anime which is to be expected, but has yet to reach the level of Riceball, I don't think I'll ever get to as many as her Haha, but if you do have any Zelda questions, I'm your girl. well thats it for me! Later!

-Megs <3

Hi from the Riceball

Hey! I am the great and all powerful Flaming Riceball! Nah, not really. I'm Rice. How do you do? I am the resident Otaku of the three. (otaku: avid fan of japanese anime and manga) I absolutely love anime and manga. Asking for my favorites? I wont answer. I will just say that there are many that I love and many that I've seen. If you need some advice on whats a good anime to watch, I'm your girl. Over 50 animes seen and completed, and about 13 more i am currently watching and finishing. Other than that, I'm sarcastic, and I have numerous sides of my personality that love to switch places and play pranks on people. Teehee. So thats a quick bio of me.

I shall let the rest be figured out later. MUAHAHAHA. (BTW, Leather Pants by LittleKuriboh is the best song ever)

Hello There!

It's Mini!

Since you're not familiar with me, I'll introduce myself formally.

I'm the writer/musician of the group. And when I say musician, I don't mean guitar- piano all the way baby!!!

I've been writing as soon as I could talk! I dictated a story to my mom when I was four, and it hasn't stopped since! Currently I'm working on several projects, my main one being a novel titled All I Live For that I've had in the planning stages since third grade. Yep, you heard me right, third.

I'm also the one who talked Megs and Rice into doing this blog. Rice was for it as soon as I mentioned the idea- Megs was the one who was a little iffy! Between the two of us, we finally dragged her into our crazy venture.

The name Mini comes from the fact I have eight (count 'em, EIGHT) miniature horses. In case you were wondering.

And as for the insaneness....well, I've been friends with Megs since seventh and with Rice for about one year. Meg's is the old lady and I'm the baby of the group. =P (I'm a little less than a year younger than her.)

So, that'd be all for now! Toodles! ^_^