Sunday, July 25, 2010

Busy Life

I have been SOOOO busy lately. I had San Japan which was awesome, then The Epic Adventure, and this week I had VBS. I worked it for my church, and I got to work with the 1st grade kids and WOW, CRAZY. Haha. I was really hoping someone ELSE had posted a blog entry....this blog is kind of ticking me actually...Soggy and the Tin Can ARE. They NEVER POST ARRGH!! Not to mention...Mini is leaving to go to New Mexico...AGAIN. this time with her parents, so I'll be at their house while their gone, feeding all their animals and stuff. Maybe I'll go do something with Rice Haha. We can go stuff ourselves with pocky, and maybe I'll shove her into a water fountain, just to make her extra Soggy. XD I was at a conference yesterday for work....If you missed it, I work at a Preschool and so I have to have so many hours learning at these things. It was like a Mini Ikkicon or San Japan....minus all the cool anime and no where near as large. AND NO WHERE NEAR AS FUN EITHER. UGH. Actually it was EXTREMELY BORING, but you do what you gotta do for work...I need gas money to get around, and I also need money to go to the FUN conventions HAHA. Well I'm done talking for now. Later!

~Megs <3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Again

WOW. Just WOW. I had an AMAZING time on The Epic Adventure. There is so much to talk about, but I'll start by saying Horse Back Riding was my absolute favorite thing. I had a horse names Hickory and he was da bomb. He was a really cool horse. My dad was riding a MUSTANG. (Yeah I did a facepalm too) AND IT KICKED ME!! Dumb..GRRR. I'm not sure if it would have kicked anyone or if he knew our inside joke XD What was sad was I was on my horse when it kicked me so it just randomly would kick at things. Anyway, several of our buddies got baptized this week! YAY! Spiritually this trip was awesome as well, we did a bunch of different obstacles like, we were in teams and we had to get everyone on the team over an 18 ft. wall! I got to go first and I was pretty much just thrown over. Haha. I must say I did miss my Zelda while I was gone Haha. I wore my Zelda T-Shirt twice! Its funny how surprised guys are when they find out I love Zelda so much and OWN. I could go on and on about this trip, Mini and I had an awesome time! And despite her being a Soggy Horse, I missed Rice a lot XD I texted her as soon as I got back into Texas....I called her Soggy first off HAHA. I have had an eventful past couple weeks, and its not over! I have VBS this week! I'm leading 1st graders! Pray for me XD It'll be fun though, after that I have to stay at Mini's house because shes leaving for New Mexico with her Family.....OY. Horses to feed, cats to feed, dogs all kinds of things to do. I'm super busy, but I'll find time to blog eventually. Well I'm done now, super tired Haha. Sorry I was gone so long! I'm glad Rice blogged at least twice HAHA. Later!

~Megs <3>

Sorry I got busy. (NOT AN INUENDO!)

Hey. Sorry. I was going to post about saturday at San Japan but things got hectic with my mom having surgury (SHES DOING GREAT. Shes recovering excellently.), breakups, and then Regional Swim Meet yesterday. I made it to state! In my 50 m backstroke! I am so excited! There was some very evil issues with my 50 fly... but... TOUCH PADS NEVER LIE! I BEAT HER FAIR AND SQUARE BY THAT 3 THOUSANDS OF A SECOND! Grrrrr... Oh sorry... I ranted. But beyond that, I have had no time to post. I missed Kekkaishi and Brotherhood last night because I was so tired. I was awake for 19 hours yesterday. I mean, I had to wake up at 4 am and I didnt get to sleep until, well do the math. Rice is very tired... Good thing Megs and Mini are coming back today!

Riceball out.

ps. everyone is missing their buddies. A certain one misses a certain shrimp.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Left alone.... and San Japan :3 -Day 1 - Friday (LONG POST TO MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME)

HEY HEY HEY! WASSUP? RICE IS BACK AND FEELING GOOD! So this time I was the one left behind while Megs and Mini run off to Colorado for a church trip. I guess I could tell you about San Japan! To start things off, San Japan was epic in every single way. So many great times and greater memories with some of the most EPIC people in the world! Friends and voice actors/actresses alike! I guess I should start at the beginning... Might be best if I actually recount our epic expierences. Friday- So Mini, my other friend (lets call her Pikachu for reasons I will explain), and I all got in the car (with my mom) and drove to San Antonio for San Japan. We got there, ran around, found Megs and her crew, and immediatley went into the first panel of the day, the Soul Eater Screening with Micah Solusod! He didnt really comment much... XD But after that, we got pictures with him, then ran off into autographs and other panels such as the Q&A with the VAs. Josh Grelle, voice of Ox Ford in Soul Eater and the the lead guy in Wallflower, mentioned something about one of the elevators at the hotel. The little plaque inside that usually says, THIS ELEVATOR IS CERTIFIED ... YADA YADA YADA... said, THIS ESCALATOR IS CERTIFIED.... blah blah blah. Finally on Saturday me and the gang rode in that elevator. It was hilarious. So after many panels, autographs came up again... Pikachu happened to do her Pikachu voice in front of Michael Sinterniklaas (a.k.a. Leonardo in TMNT -2003) and he was blown away. He recorded a video with his cell phone of her doing her many mooded Pikachu. Pikachu was so psyched when she found out later that he was a TMNT. LOL. Later on that day, we once again ran into some VAs and they talked with us for a few minutes about awesomeness. Then came the concerts. Pikachu went with our buddy who cosplayed as Simon from Gurren Lagann to a LoliHolix concert while Megs, Mini, and I went to watch FMA: Conquerer of Shamballa. I left early to go eat before the J-Rock concert with KESHIKI. (Look em up! They ROCK!) Pikachu was up in the room eating already and she told me she had been in the elevator with the other musical guest at the con, MAJA! (HES EPIC AS WELL! sadly I didnt go to his concert as it was during the movie...) He ALSO recorded her in the elevator doing her Pikachu voice. (YES. ITS THAT AWESOME. I might put it up on youtube.) Pikachu was loved by musical guests and voice actors alike! Then Pika and I ran down to the end of the MONGO LINE to get in to the KESHIKI concert. About 15 minutes later we were in there and waiting for the concert to begin. When it did, IT WAS SO AWESOME. I recorded quite a bit of it so look for that on my youtube page a bit later on. Afterword, we went up to the room (clock told us it was 12!) and fell asleep for our adventures on the next day. TO BE CONTINUED.... WATCH FOR SATURDAY POST SOON.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So yeah, Megs and I are headed off to "Epic Adventure."

I get to leave at like...5:30 in the morning. BAH. BAH.

And this isn't going to be long, because I'm being forced into this AND doing a stupid book review. Holy mother of humanity I just want to sit....and watch TV.

Speaking of TV, I'm watching NCIS. Gotta love solving murders and chemical weapon mysteries. Yup.

Speaking of NCIS, I've gotta say- forensics are awesome. I mean, if I ever went into science (YEAH RIGHT.) it'd definitely be Forensics. But that's never gonna happen, so we're safe. There'll be fewer unsolved crimes if I don't. XD

Speaking of unsolved crimes...well, I got nothin' I'm going back to reviewing. TOODLES!


The End of San Japan and The Epic Adventure.

Well, San Japan is over now T.T I had such an awesome time! I took some pictures, so did Rice and Mini. I got some autographs! I got called the Zelda Chick by the Voice Actors Haha.I bought a LOT, I got a bunny hat, a Triforce T-Shirt (W00t!) I also got a Triforce necklace! And after my friends wouldn't let me buy anymore Zelda things I bought an FMA poster and for some weird reason Colonel Useless (AKA Rice) is in the picture in the corner. PFFFT. Speaking of Soggy, there were at least 7 Roy Mustang cosplayers at this thing! Mini, Rice, and I kinda have this weird little thing going on and we have decided that Rice is Mustang, Mini is Alphonse, and Yes...I'm Edward for reasons unknown..... NO I AM NOT SHORT DON'T GO THERE!We decided this mainly because rice and I always tease each-other and Mini seems to be our only voice of reason.Plus, I'm almost always with Mini, almost always. Anyway, so being Ed I always tease Colonel Soggy or Rice about being wet and useless and therefore was disturbed by all the Roy cosplayers XD. There were a few Eds on the second day but.....The only funny thing was there was an old woman who coslayed as Roy. LOL. But besides that I also bought a cool Japanese outfit for 69$.....Am I crazy? Probably, but it looks cool! I bought some cat ears to match it too! I got Micah's autograph like I said I would! We even went to a Soul eater Screening with him, but he didn't say much HAHA. We saw several awesome Soul Eater cosplays too! Haha. all in all we had a really fun time.Rice and Mini may talk more about it.In other news, Mini and I will be gone, for a week. We are going on a trip with our church to Colorado to a camp. Our Youth Leader calls it, The Epic Adventure, he always names out trips this one is actually normal compared to past ones.I'll try to convince Rice to blog while we're gone. Maybe this is revenge for when they left me at the beginning....Well I think Iv'e written enough for now. I'll blog when I get back! Don't forget that Rice is a Soggy Match, and I am not short in any way. HAHA. Later!

~Megs <3

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

San Japan

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! San Japan is this weekend!!! I am so excited! Me and a few other friends will be leaving early Friday morning to go to San Japan, which is an anime convention. Rice and Mini are going to meet me up there so YAY! We had such a great time at Ikkicon that we cant wait to go to this one. Micah Salusod is gonna be there! Eeeep! He's Soul from Soul Eater. I was kinda hoping for Travis Wllingham ( Colonel Soggy FTW) but that did not happen this time.... Oh wells! I saved up a lot of money for this so this time I'm prepared! We get to stay at the Marriot too! It's gonna be awesome! I'm sorry no one has posted. I've been checking this and I kept hoping someone besides me would post but Noooooooo. I'll get right on that. But I'm so excited we've had this planned since January! I have this Link cosplay in the making but I wont be able to wear it to San Japan. I will hopefully have it done for Halloween and Ikkicon. Well wish us luck! Later!

~Megs <3