Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zelda Mania

Ok people! I am so excited to talk about this Zelda stuff! As you may well know, E3 is now behind us, I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO GO! D: I wanted to go so badly! For awhile now any Zelda fan would have noticed the picture that was sent out for all to see, the problem was that there was no description to come with it! For a long time we just called the new mystery game, Zelda Wii, But all was revealed at E3! The new Zelda that all Zelda lovers are raving over is known as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I must admit I've watched the trailer like 6 times Hahaha. If anyone has not seen it, I suggest you go to Youtube and watch it immediately. The new animation is really neat! It looks like a mix between Twilight Princess and wind Waker, PLUS! Link has some new pants! Haha.
Now Iv'e seen the complaints about it, like how Link is right handed. I mean, I know that in previous games Link is left handed, but they only switched it because of the Wii. You actually get to use the Wii remote as his weapon! Therefore, they switched to the right hand because most people just so happen to be right handed..Plus, even if previous Link's were left handed, they aren't usually the same Link so....they cant ALL be left handed right? But seriously give it a chance. It's still Zelda. I personally can not WAIT to play it. The trailer looked awesome!
Ok so in other Zelda news, they are now re-making Ocarina of Time in 3D. YES!!!! The best Zelda of all time and they are making it in 3D! AHHH!! With all this new Zelda information I may just explode I simply cant wait. My friends are concerned for my health XD To read more on this stuff I suggest you go to the E3 website it's very helpful. I could go on and on and on about this but, I really should quit now. For all of you other Zelda freaks out there, GO NUTS!

~Megs <3

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