Wednesday, June 30, 2010

finally i decide to post.

Hey. Rice was really sick for the past 2 weeks and is still sick. But she is still posting. If you havn't noticed, she is taking in third person. Shes been writing some random stuff, drawing more Soul Eater pictures (she LOVES Soul), eating pocky, and as of now shes drinking a huge Dr. Pepper. Nom. She still hasnt beaten FFX-2... cause she is lazy. Eagerly awaiting more episodes of Brotherhood and Kekkaishi. Oh and the fact that the Fourth of July is Saturday. YAY FIREWORKS! (Rice is a pyro.) Shes excited cause her cousins get to come up this week! But she is sad since her mom said most likely no San Japan...

Oh well.

Riceball Out.

ps. Moral Wisdom of the Day- I don't need sex. Life fucks me enough. (YAY I GET CREDIT FOR FIRST BAD WORD. WHOOP DE FLIPPIN DO.)

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