Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ok, you guys win. SHEESH! At least I gave you a giantly cool layout. *harumph*

I've been distracted again, but I'm back! With a giant case of writer's block that is trying to murder my will to write. Hence the lack of a blog posting.

So yeah, school started and...I have no news. Because life sucks for me. XD

Well then again, The Atlantis Complex came out, sparking my inner fangirl...until I found out there's only one more Artemis Fowl book planned. This...is just...great. I mean, Artemis Fowl is almost over, Lelouch dies at the end of Code Geass....WHAT IS IT WITH GENIUSES AND ENDINGS?!

(Oh yeah, did I mention that this blog post contains spoilers? HA! My bad.)

Maybe White Collar, Covert Affairs, and Warehouse 13 shall cheer me up- since Tuesday is the night all my TV shows come on. ^_^ Oh yeah, I love Mozzy- the underappreciated conspiracy theorist. Big glasses, short, with a nice shiny cul de sac hair style. What a weirdo, a paranoid, loveable weirdo- nicely contrasted by Neal Caffery (Played by Matt Bomer) who, anyone can tell you, is quiiiite easy on the eyes.

Now that you've seen my deepest ponderings, LET US MOVE ON. *ahem*

So yeah, I'm going to go back to hitting my head on a concrete wall, trying to see if inspiration comes out magically. Viola.



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