Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Rice!

The first week of school was a very long one..... this is going to be an interesting school year, I actually like all my classes except for Algebra II... I suck at math people. Our Geography teacher is hilarious, he read us "The Three Little Pigs" in class on Friday. HAHAHA. So, today is a very special day, today is Rice's Birthday! She turned 16 today. All 3 of us went to the movies last night to see "Vampires Suck". It was very crude, but some of it was just hilarious. Hate to bust any "Twilight" lovers bubbles, but we HATE Twilight.....seriously...I gave it a chance and watched the first movie....worst hour of my life XD Anyway, after the movie we went to her house and ate Pizzaaa and Edward's Pie.... NO, NOT EDWARD LET ME BLIND YOU WITH MY GAY SPARKLES., We're not sure which Edward this was exactly, but since thats my nickname I ate the whole I didn't , but the name WAS kinda funny. We watched some Ouran, some Hetalia, and Code Geass.We sat on the dock for awhile and watched some boat speed by and get pulled over RIGHT in front of us Hahaha. We even shot nerf bullets at her wall scrolls....yeah we know....we're odd. I hit her poster of Roy every time XD We had lots of fun though, at least I did! So if your wondering why my font is blue instead of my usual shade of purple, its because Rice likes blue so since its her birthday I picked blue font! Happy Birthday Rice! Later!

~Megs <3

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