Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm sorry I havent posted anything in forever! I have been EXTREMELY busy and tired!!! OY! And of course Rice and Mini didnt post anything.....typical.... again I'm really sorry I TRIED to get them to post....anyway, for starters, I stayed at Mini's house for a week like I said I would, and kept ALL of her animals alive haha Yay! They even payed me which was something I was not expecting....I would have done it for free anytime! Mini and her parents are my second family, what was cool is that they got me some cool stuff from New Mexico! Mini got me a neat bracelet, and an OCARINA! WOOT! I have my own ocarina XD It does not make it rain, transport me places, take me back in time, or change it from day to night, but I still love it haha. Her parents bought me a Tea Pot! *squee* I LOVE TEA. I have boxes and boxes of tea pots haha. I played some Zelda while I was there, but a terrible thing happend to me!!! I was re-playing wind Waker for a friend, and when I got to the Forsaken Fortress, only like 30 minutes into the game...I got HIT, by a stinkin bulbin! I lost 1/4 of my heart so early in the game!! It was devastating...It still makes me sad TT.TT Anyway, I still had to work while I was there, and the day after I left I had to Re-Pack because I went to Childrens Camp as a counselor, it was only one night, the kids had fun, but I was exausted....after that I went to a party for a friend of ours at church, and then the next day we had a surprise party for Mini's Mom. Ever since then Iv'e been at home trying to rest haha. Rice and I...or should I say... Furher Useless and I have been on a role with the fighting (jokingly of course). We have even resorted to using POEMS as a form of insult, yes seriously! Its more like Mustang and Edward are fighting. It has gotten worse since Al was absent, Just wait till the school year XD. Speaking of Rice and Mini, the three of us a headed to Schlitterbaun on Friday! (If you dont know what that is, its a water park) We have orientation on Thursday so we're just going to go to Mini's house after and then go Friday morning. Furher Useless in a WATER park...Is that not a silent plea for me to insult her? I think it is! Ed is going to have fun on Friday, al is gonna have to hold me back Haha. Sadly though, fun times must end, and for the three of us, the end is near, Monday to be exact. the three of us start school Monday, and its gonna be a really rough year. Apparently, Junior year is the hardest year in Highschool, I'm not worried though, we'll get through the year together. Later!

~Megs <3

P.S: All of my friends have seriously made this an unforgetable summer, including Rice and Mini, so thanks for an awesome Summer and hopefully a fun new school year.

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

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