Sunday, August 15, 2010


Schlitterbaun was sooo fun! We had a blast, at least I did I hope Rice and Mini did too HAHA. We went down one ride, and Mini flipped over liked 12 times HAHA XD. We would get stuck in these currents and couldnt move it was funny. I met someone with a sweet Triforce tattoo, EPIC. And of COURSE, Colonel Useless got her fair share of teasing, her inner Mustang was pretty angry haha. When we got home I even got Rice to play Zelda. It was funny because I was in the Cave of Ordeals when I gave it to her and she jumped right into a group of Stalkins HAHA. School tomorrow.... *sigh* I had a great Summer and I'm sad to see it go. I did go crazy with my binders HAHA. I drew Al on English, Ed on Algebra II, and I even drew Roy's circle on Geography. I also made a stencil and I am using it to paint the Triforce on my canvas backpack. MWAHAHA It shall be epic, I'm putting the Elric Symbol on there too, but it will be on the side. I'm sure other Anime related things will be on that backpack soon too. Another thing! If you didnt already knwo this, we go to a Private Christian School, and no that does not mean "Snobby Rich Kids" I swear I'm not rich in any fashion XD Hopefully I'm not snobby either, but anyway, Private Schools have strict dress codes, and though ours isnt as bad as others, I still hate it. This year though, they are allowing us to wear Converse to School!! I went and bought a new pair to add to my other 4 pairs of Converse I already have. I got the classic, and Rice was with me when I went and she got Red ones and some Black High tops. I noticed a lot of my school stuff is black....I'm not turning goth I swear I just think the color is sleeeeeeek. Haha. Purple will always be my favorite color hee hee ^^. Well now I'm babling on so I'll stop now. Later!

~Megs <3

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