Monday, September 6, 2010

The Legend of Artemis Fowl

Well! Life is indeed crazy. We got to have a 4 day weekend for Labor Day! Rice went to the Texas Vs. Rice game. Texas dominated of course! Pffft. I went to hang out with some buddies yesterday, and had a pretty good time. I'm at a friends house using their Mac to blog. And as for Mini's 2 blog entry's I must say I'm really not that impressed. I'm "satisfied" that she blogged some but....i had to nag both of them to blog at all so XD maybe if she keeps it up I'll be impressed. So keep your "in your face" comments to yourself until you can keep blogging without being nagged. But I am pleased you've been blogging. Its time I inform you of a neat little wager Mini and I have... which I have now decided to call "The Legend of Artemis Fowl". Iv'e told you before that Mini took my "Twilight Princess" game to her house to mess around with, she made it to the fire temple with....very little help which is pretty good I suppose, but we made a bet...I said that if she could finish "Twilight Princess" by the end of the year, meaning Dec. 31st at Midnight that I would read 2 Artemis Fowl Books....I was pretty confident about it until she started begging for cheats... -____- For one thing, she's already started the game, she's almost half-way through already! But I did this instead...I let her choose 4 out of the 7 dungeons she has left and I marked them in my book. So she can only see those 4. She can ask me for help but help on the internet is off limits. I'm a little more worried now that I'm practically playing the game for her.... ugh...I beat that game in less then 2 weeks during the school year, I think she can play it in 4 months with cheats! So basically I'm screwed since I HATE reading....if she cant beat the game in the four months, but beats it in January then I'll read 1 of I'm seriously giving this away I don't even see the point now XD Like I said before I'm at a friends house right now with my friend and her little sister and HER friend...we've all kinda grown up together and for some reason every time I come over here they want me to cook something...I don't know why. Last time I made this macaroni and cheese but not the kind in the box I actually MADE it so they all seemed to like it. This time they request I make Alfredo.....but they lacked most of the ingredients needed for such a thing. Therefore, they shoved some random ingredients at me and SOMEHOW I made something edible and they all seemed to like it XD Well I think thats enough for now! That was a long one! Later!
~Megs <3

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