Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rain, Rain Dont Go Away!

Its been Raining for like 3 days now, and I am loving it! School was cancelled today because of the rain! eep! The only one not enjoying the rain is our very own Colonel. She's been a little disturbed by the amount of rain we've been getting, she locked herself in a water proof box, and started wearing plastic pants.... Ok I'm kidding, but that would be really funny. So I think I may force myself to clean my room today at least a little bit... I'm missing my Zelda that Mini took and "the Legend of Artemis Fowl" hasnt made any progress as of yet, but by all means Alphonse take your time! No rush! I need to get to work on my Link cosplay. My dad has been helping me, but so far the only thing finished is my Master Sword, which is really awesome! Maybe I'll put some pictures of it up or something. So I went to this gun shop the other day..... (in case I forgot to mention, I have this thing with guns.. I LOVE them, I love going to the range, and me and dad like to go hunting a lot, while I was watching Mini's house I had to bring a 9mm with me...I always have a gun at home just in case...and her family doesnt own one so it just made me feel better to have it with me...anyway!..) and I saw this AMAZING Kimber 45! (if you dont know what it is look it up!) It was amazing! So pretty! Now if only I had an extra 900 bucks laying around... oh well! Maybe I'll get a new gun for my birthday! Haha. Later!

~Megs <3

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