Thursday, September 2, 2010

About Time

About time the other two people who run this blog actually BLOGGED. It wasnt much, but its enough to satisfy me since it was my turn to be lazy about blogging, but I do have a good excuse, my computer died again! Yes AGAIN. The screen was messed up again so I had to take it in and I barely get a chance to use a computer. Mini has done quite a few things to the lay out! It looks awesome I love it! Its very funky XD So I wasnt lying when I said Junior year was gonna be tough, it is, and I dont even have as many classes as Mini or Rice do. The classes are generally easy except for that Algebra class Iv'e been complaining about.... OY. I must be on the wrong planet or something! I can whip through a Zelda Dungeon with lava pits, traps, and evil monsters from hell in less then an hour, but for some reason I cant seem to comprehend /2x-4/> -3 I mean.... no one else seems to be having issues except me! XD So, all 3 of us are highly anticipating Ikkicon this year....well part of Ikiicon is this year...and some of it is next year >> technically... Its Dec. 31st - Jan. 2nd. But anyway! Has anyone been to the website??We've been looking at it since February and they havent updated!! D: GAH. SO Wrong.... I really hope that Vic comes back again this year that would be really cool. I was hoping (like I said in a previous blog) that Travis could possibly make an appearence, as awesome as that would be, I dont think its gonna happen haha. Oh well. Rice's birthday party was awesome! We had loads of fun. I got her a huge thing of Pocky like mega sized, and I bought her a cool blue hat, and decked it out with Roy's Transmutation Circle Mwahahahaha! Anyway, hope she liked it. Well I'm going to continue eating my oreos, and listening to the Pokemon (FIRST) Theme Song.....DONT JUDGE ME! XD I never doubted my nerd-ness. Later!

~Megs <3

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