Tuesday, July 6, 2010

San Japan

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! San Japan is this weekend!!! I am so excited! Me and a few other friends will be leaving early Friday morning to go to San Japan, which is an anime convention. Rice and Mini are going to meet me up there so YAY! We had such a great time at Ikkicon that we cant wait to go to this one. Micah Salusod is gonna be there! Eeeep! He's Soul from Soul Eater. I was kinda hoping for Travis Wllingham ( Colonel Soggy FTW) but that did not happen this time.... Oh wells! I saved up a lot of money for this so this time I'm prepared! We get to stay at the Marriot too! It's gonna be awesome! I'm sorry no one has posted. I've been checking this and I kept hoping someone besides me would post but Noooooooo. I'll get right on that. But I'm so excited we've had this planned since January! I have this Link cosplay in the making but I wont be able to wear it to San Japan. I will hopefully have it done for Halloween and Ikkicon. Well wish us luck! Later!

~Megs <3

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