Monday, July 12, 2010

Left alone.... and San Japan :3 -Day 1 - Friday (LONG POST TO MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME)

HEY HEY HEY! WASSUP? RICE IS BACK AND FEELING GOOD! So this time I was the one left behind while Megs and Mini run off to Colorado for a church trip. I guess I could tell you about San Japan! To start things off, San Japan was epic in every single way. So many great times and greater memories with some of the most EPIC people in the world! Friends and voice actors/actresses alike! I guess I should start at the beginning... Might be best if I actually recount our epic expierences. Friday- So Mini, my other friend (lets call her Pikachu for reasons I will explain), and I all got in the car (with my mom) and drove to San Antonio for San Japan. We got there, ran around, found Megs and her crew, and immediatley went into the first panel of the day, the Soul Eater Screening with Micah Solusod! He didnt really comment much... XD But after that, we got pictures with him, then ran off into autographs and other panels such as the Q&A with the VAs. Josh Grelle, voice of Ox Ford in Soul Eater and the the lead guy in Wallflower, mentioned something about one of the elevators at the hotel. The little plaque inside that usually says, THIS ELEVATOR IS CERTIFIED ... YADA YADA YADA... said, THIS ESCALATOR IS CERTIFIED.... blah blah blah. Finally on Saturday me and the gang rode in that elevator. It was hilarious. So after many panels, autographs came up again... Pikachu happened to do her Pikachu voice in front of Michael Sinterniklaas (a.k.a. Leonardo in TMNT -2003) and he was blown away. He recorded a video with his cell phone of her doing her many mooded Pikachu. Pikachu was so psyched when she found out later that he was a TMNT. LOL. Later on that day, we once again ran into some VAs and they talked with us for a few minutes about awesomeness. Then came the concerts. Pikachu went with our buddy who cosplayed as Simon from Gurren Lagann to a LoliHolix concert while Megs, Mini, and I went to watch FMA: Conquerer of Shamballa. I left early to go eat before the J-Rock concert with KESHIKI. (Look em up! They ROCK!) Pikachu was up in the room eating already and she told me she had been in the elevator with the other musical guest at the con, MAJA! (HES EPIC AS WELL! sadly I didnt go to his concert as it was during the movie...) He ALSO recorded her in the elevator doing her Pikachu voice. (YES. ITS THAT AWESOME. I might put it up on youtube.) Pikachu was loved by musical guests and voice actors alike! Then Pika and I ran down to the end of the MONGO LINE to get in to the KESHIKI concert. About 15 minutes later we were in there and waiting for the concert to begin. When it did, IT WAS SO AWESOME. I recorded quite a bit of it so look for that on my youtube page a bit later on. Afterword, we went up to the room (clock told us it was 12!) and fell asleep for our adventures on the next day. TO BE CONTINUED.... WATCH FOR SATURDAY POST SOON.

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