Sunday, July 11, 2010


So yeah, Megs and I are headed off to "Epic Adventure."

I get to leave at like...5:30 in the morning. BAH. BAH.

And this isn't going to be long, because I'm being forced into this AND doing a stupid book review. Holy mother of humanity I just want to sit....and watch TV.

Speaking of TV, I'm watching NCIS. Gotta love solving murders and chemical weapon mysteries. Yup.

Speaking of NCIS, I've gotta say- forensics are awesome. I mean, if I ever went into science (YEAH RIGHT.) it'd definitely be Forensics. But that's never gonna happen, so we're safe. There'll be fewer unsolved crimes if I don't. XD

Speaking of unsolved crimes...well, I got nothin' I'm going back to reviewing. TOODLES!


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