Sunday, July 11, 2010

The End of San Japan and The Epic Adventure.

Well, San Japan is over now T.T I had such an awesome time! I took some pictures, so did Rice and Mini. I got some autographs! I got called the Zelda Chick by the Voice Actors Haha.I bought a LOT, I got a bunny hat, a Triforce T-Shirt (W00t!) I also got a Triforce necklace! And after my friends wouldn't let me buy anymore Zelda things I bought an FMA poster and for some weird reason Colonel Useless (AKA Rice) is in the picture in the corner. PFFFT. Speaking of Soggy, there were at least 7 Roy Mustang cosplayers at this thing! Mini, Rice, and I kinda have this weird little thing going on and we have decided that Rice is Mustang, Mini is Alphonse, and Yes...I'm Edward for reasons unknown..... NO I AM NOT SHORT DON'T GO THERE!We decided this mainly because rice and I always tease each-other and Mini seems to be our only voice of reason.Plus, I'm almost always with Mini, almost always. Anyway, so being Ed I always tease Colonel Soggy or Rice about being wet and useless and therefore was disturbed by all the Roy cosplayers XD. There were a few Eds on the second day but.....The only funny thing was there was an old woman who coslayed as Roy. LOL. But besides that I also bought a cool Japanese outfit for 69$.....Am I crazy? Probably, but it looks cool! I bought some cat ears to match it too! I got Micah's autograph like I said I would! We even went to a Soul eater Screening with him, but he didn't say much HAHA. We saw several awesome Soul Eater cosplays too! Haha. all in all we had a really fun time.Rice and Mini may talk more about it.In other news, Mini and I will be gone, for a week. We are going on a trip with our church to Colorado to a camp. Our Youth Leader calls it, The Epic Adventure, he always names out trips this one is actually normal compared to past ones.I'll try to convince Rice to blog while we're gone. Maybe this is revenge for when they left me at the beginning....Well I think Iv'e written enough for now. I'll blog when I get back! Don't forget that Rice is a Soggy Match, and I am not short in any way. HAHA. Later!

~Megs <3

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