Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hey! I'm Megs, I have several nicknames, but lets just stick with Megs for now. So I'm sure you've seen my other 2 partners in crime, and what they do well I'm the Nintendo Freak of the 3. Though I do love Mario and the gang I'm particularly into The Legend of Zelda. I love them all, and I beat my first one when I was 7 years old (Ocarina of Time, which is my favorite). Iv'e played almost every Zelda, and if I haven't it's simply because I haven't had the chance to, but trust me, I fully intend to play every single one. Iv'e not only played the games, but have also read the manga, seen the Tv show, and I happen to have a few posters...anyway another reason it's taken me so long to play all the games, is simply because once I play one I love to find out everything about it. I will spend a majority of my time on one game, not because it takes me long to beat it, just because I love to find the history and inspiration behind it, and all the hidden stuff! I'm also in Anime which is to be expected, but has yet to reach the level of Riceball, I don't think I'll ever get to as many as her Haha, but if you do have any Zelda questions, I'm your girl. well thats it for me! Later!

-Megs <3

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