Friday, May 21, 2010

Abandoned: Final Day

Today was super tiring. I went to work a different job today; I went to my youth building, and cleaned out the back room to earn more money for that trip Mini and I will be going on. I had to pull EVERYTHING out of the back closet, which was a LOT considering the Youth is run by two middle aged men. So I threw some things away, found some things from the 80's, and even saw a few bugs...shiver* I hate bugs... I worked my butt off to say the least. I'm still not done cleaning out the Youth building, but next time Mini will be helping me. So today Riceball and Mini arrived back in Texas. their not home yet but their in the state. The texted me telling me they missed me and a whole bunch of other BS. HAHA I did miss them though :)at least I don't have to blog for 3 people anymore. I sadly didn't get to flood their inbox's with stuff considering I have a job...and a life. I barely had time to blog, and I didn't even get to play Zelda like I wanted, but I did draw something even if it is terrible. I cant tell you what it is though because it's a surprise for Mini and Rice. It's a joke. Seriously my art normally isn't worth presenting to people, but the joke part is. Right now I'm drinking a chocolate shake, eating pocky, and watching my fish Rinku swim around. Hes so cute :D In a little while I'll be jumping off the walls from all this chocolate. Well, our lonely days of just listening to me blab are finally over, and now you can read what Rice and Mini have to say. It's been fun, but I'm glad I'm not the only one anymore (Did i mention this blog wasn't even my idea!? I got talked into it!!) Well I'm off to...go and be lazy since my legs are killing me now...Later!
-Megs <3

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