Thursday, May 20, 2010

Abandoned: Days 2 & 3

Well, I didn't get to blog yesterday, so I'm blogging for 2 days. So yesterday, I just worked all day basically, then i had to go to church so I got home late, and went to bed, I was tired. Today I worked, but I got Mini and me another job so that way we can pay for a trip we're going on, then maybe Rice can complain about how we ditched HER. Speaking of Mini and Rice. I have yet to hear from them in yesterday or today so I don't know how their doing, but apparently their climbing a mountain today, and your wondering why I stayed? No, the real reason is because I just couldn't afford it Haha. Plus I have a job, and I have already taken off a lot this summer for two other trips I'm going on :/ The only thing Iv'e really done thats interesting this week is finish a drawing. I'll tell you now even though I say that doesn't mean its good, because its not XD I'm no artist. I just doodle. Ok, I gotta help Mom cook dinner so I gotta split. Later!

-Megs <3

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